I love the Thanksgiving holiday tradition of reflecting on the things that we are grateful for. One that always comes to mind is our wonderful group of long-time members, some of whom have been with YLF since its inception almost 10 years ago. You are the backbone and pulse of the YLF community. You are supportive, understanding and patient. You help new members find their way by sharing your own fashion and style experiences. You help us to troubleshoot technical issues. And you often make me laugh. The YLF community would not be the same without your expertise, charm, intuition, grace and tact. I can’t thank you enough for your loyalty and ongoing support.

This year I also want to thank my two boys, who mean more to me than I can put into words. Hubby Greg is my everything, is the best of everything, and lights up my life in every way. I am thankful for all that he is and does. He is my role model and best friend.

Our little Yorkie Sam beams a special love, warmth and brightness into our lives, in a way only doggies can do. His playfulness, affection and big personality make our house a home. I’m blessed with my incredible boys. 

Sam and Greg

Finally, this year Thanksgiving is particularly special because Greg’s Mum and Dad are visiting and we’ll be celebrating at home with them. Greg’s Mum and I are making some very special South African dishes and desserts, so it’s going to be Thanksgiving with a strong South African flavour.

Wishing you safe travels, a peaceful holiday weekend, and a very happy Thanksgiving.