When creating outfits with clients we often combine light grey with white and hints of light blue or black. There is something fresh about pairing light grey with white as opposed to dark neutrals. A light blue pastel accent adds a little softness and pretty. A little black toughens things up. 

I’ve started the ball rolling with three casual renditions. Each one is based on a different colour of denim and paired with light grey knitwear. The outfits are finished off differently to create a range of vibes. 

White Jeans

Pair white jeans with a light grey pullover of your choice. I paired streamlined boyfriend jeans with an oversized pullover, which can be partially tucked in front or left untucked. The tapered hems of the jeans, which can be rolled, are a good match for flat footwear like slip-on sneakers, loafers or flat booties. The light blue and grey scarf adds an extra accent colour, but isn’t essential. A grey and white scarf with no blue will work equally well. Keep the topper light grey for a tonal effect. 

Slip-on sneakers with white soles do a good job of picking up the white in the jeans, creating a cohesive look. I used black booties to bookend black hair and sunglasses. They also work well with the black bag, although black shoes are not essential when sporting a black bag.

Grey Jeans

This rendition combines white and grey in a more subtle way. Grey jeans can approximate white when they’re faded like the ones I’ve used here. Choose a light grey pullover that works with the jeans and finish off the outfit with a white patterned scarf and shoes with white elements, like two-toned oxfords. I chose a light blue bag for a bit of pretty, but a black, grey or white bag would be fab too. A blue denim jacket is one option for a topper. 

Blue Jeans

This rendition combines blue jeans with a white top and a light grey cardigan. I chose a white shirt and long grey drapey cardigan, but by all means choose a white T-shirt and another style of grey topper. Salt and pepper footwear is fun to wear with grey and white because the visual effect is grey. Finish off the outfit with a light blue, black, grey or white bag. Add jewellery, eyewear, watch and headgear as desired.

Light grey and white looks absolutely smashing on my clients with grey hair. Adding in some accent blue is extra gorgeous when they have blue eyes. Clients with darker, greying hair look great when we add a little black as an accent colour.

Grey and White