Nine years and one day since we posted the first post on YLF and I’m still constantly surprised at the way things have turned out. I went from a career as a specialist retail buyer to being a fashion stylist to individual clients and the co-founder of a website. After a few years of building and maintaining the site in his spare time, Greg started focusing his energy on YLF mid 2010. A couple of years later we asked Inge to join us on a part-time basis. They say you shouldn’t work with your spouse or close friends, but if anything, I’ve developed a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Greg and Inge because they work with me on YLF. Rules were made to be broken. 

It has been nine years of hard work and discipline. Greg and I never stop thinking about YLF. Whether we were ill, on vacation, or had a house full of guests, for nine years straight we haven’t missed a single weekday of posting on the blog. We’ve also had our fair share of technical challenges with servers, networks and hosting providers, but even so — the show went on.

Creating, maintaining and managing the content of YLF helps me grow as a person in multiple ways. Writing blog posts helps me to structure and filter the thoughts on fashion and style that would otherwise just be swimming around in my head. And every day I get to spend time with a global, engaged and supportive group of people on the YLF forum. Wise, eloquent, intelligent, kind, witty and stylish members who help me to expand my thinking.

I cannot reflect back on YLF without mentioning two important members of the YLF Team, our doggies, mascots and YLF co-CEOs, Jasmine and Rosie. These precious little creatures played their YLF parts more than you can imagine. They provided us with unconditional love and companionship while we worked long hours at our computers. They were the best photo bombers, and kept us entertained and smiling. They were also therapeutic in times of hardship. Words cannot describe how much we love and miss our magical little Yorkies. 

Now in our tenth year of YLF I feel fortunate to be in a position where I can continue to work with my soulmate in a field that continues to stir so much passion in my heart. THANK YOU for your ongoing support. Your thoughtful, compassionate and insightful contributions are what make YLF exceptional. 

Cheers to another nine years of fun style journeys!