As the very last post of 2015, here are some thoughts to wrap up the year of style, fashion and retail. My musings are completely subjective, so feel free to agree, disagree, or add to the list. There are no right or wrong answers and it’s all in good fun. 

My Highlight of the YearSam!

My Fashion Highlight of the Year: Two weeks in Hong Kong because it’s a very stylish city and part of my soul.

Best Red Carpet Outfit: Emma Stone in a strapless jumpsuit at the Golden Globes.

Buzzwords for 2015 Fashion & Style: Asymmetry, comfort, juxtaposition, personal.

Favourite Fashion Trend: Modern Retro.

Worst Fashion Trends: The ones that don’t make you happy.

The Trend I Unexpectedly Fell in Love With: Cropped Pants! YES. I know that the sky is falling down. I have learned to love this trend as long as the silhouette is paired with footwear that closes the gap, like high-shaft booties, high-vamped oxfords, and footwear with high ankle straps.

Most Impressive Quality Item of the Year: Collection Italian Stretch Turtleneck Sweater. I am wowed by its fit, fabric, cut and workmanship each time I wear it.

Retailers with the Best Customer Service: Amazon and Zappos. It’s hard to beat their (often free) next day shipping and swift processing of returns. And Amazon will credit your return BEFORE they’ve received it.

Retailer Shout-Outs: Zara’s online service is fast, free and impeccable. Gap sales assistants in the downtown Seattle store are extra friendly and helpful. A big thank you to the sales assistants I regularly work with at the Nordstrom flagship, Becky, Stephanie and Jess, for giving me and my clients the best service year round. And a big thank you to J.Crew for providing assortments that ooze with colour when the rest of the industry is drowning in a sea of neutrals. 

Most Saturated Items at Retail: Distressed and torn denim, oversized tops, overly tight skinnies, cheap cashmere and basic ankle boots. 

Biggest Missed Opportunities at Retail: Trendy items that are tailored but not overly tight, and fashion-forward silhouettes in plus sizes. 

Best New Unexpected Colours: Rust and Sea foam.

Favourite Photographer: Greg, because he creates the most beautiful images with impeccable attention to detail and a lot of heart.

Best Online Community: YLF!

Worst Reason Not to Wear a Trend: “I can’t wear that because I’m neither slim nor tall.” We can all wear ALL the trends. It’s a question of finding the version that is best suited to YOU. 

Best Blog Comment: From Caro of Oz about my navy jumpsuit

There was a fab blogger named Angie
Whose photos were always eye candy
What she had on this day
Really blew me away
Whoa! Somebody pass me the brandy!!!! 

The Best Part of 2015 Fashion: Its diverse assortment and commitment to comfort (especially in footwear). 

Worst Parts About Designer Wear: It seldom includes plus sizes and is obsessed with neutrals like black and grey. 

Special Designer Shout-Out: To Tadashi Shoji who ALWAYS includes plus sizes in his seasonal collections. 

Best Runway Shows: Prada, Bally and J.Crew Ready-to-Wear Fall 2015 collections.

Best Pin of the Year: Gregory Peck with his Yorkie. Old-dschool handsome with an adorable doggie cannot be beat. 

Favourite Style Tips: Assess how you FEEL in an outfit. Keep poison eye to a minimum. Be patient with your style.

Only Style Rule: Have fun with fashion at ANY age. 

We at YLF wish you a happy, fun and peaceful New Year.