If you are looking for a style resolution for 2016, here are ten to consider on this New Year’s Day. 

  1. Don’t “compare and despair”. Compete with the best version of your current self, and no one else. 
  2. Listen to how you FEEL in an outfit. The more you are in tune with your preferences, needs and emotions, the easier it is to sport a style that is effortless, authentic and makes you feel fabulous. Don’t take the emotion out of your style.
  3. Keep poison eye to a minimum because there’s a version of every trend for everyone. 
  4. Dress the body you have right now.
  5. Set the stylish standard and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for dressing in the ways that make you happy. 
  6. Celebrate your body because it’s an incredible gift that deserves daily care and praise at any size and age. 
  7. Appreciate all the different ways we can be beautiful because life would be awfully dull if we all looked the same. 
  8. Judge the outfit, but not the person wearing it. 
  9. There’s no such thing as “trying too hard” in fashion and style. Trying is a good thing, and having fun along the way is the best part of all.
  10. Be patient and positive with your style and relax into your style journey. Pat yourself on the back every time you get it right. 
  11. Have fun with fashion. Don’t take it too seriously. Experiment with new things. Be surprised at what works, and learn from what doesn’t. Laugh a lot.
Style is neither a size nor an age, but an energy and confidence that is expressed through clothing, footwear and accessories. We at YLF wish you a stylish 2016 filled with lots of love and laughter.