Angie's post today sparked a lot of thought on my morning commute. A couple of orders arrived while I was gone. The Zara silver jeans were a bust - too small and much too stiff for me. That search continues.

I also got a discount code from Joah Brown and ordered a couple of items because the styles really spoke to me. In particular, the Forever bag (which I'd seen at a local boutique with a big markup) is pretty much perfect. It converts - EASILY! - from a backpack to a shoulder/crossbody and can also be carried by a handle. It has lots of pockets, easy access, and a zipper that expands the bag if needed. It's rugged, sturdy, not heavy for the style, and beautifully made. It's like something I would design for myself if I had the skills.

In terms of Angie's post, a bag like this feels like "style home" to me. So where does my love for floral Liberty prints, quirky/twee Kate Spade clutches, etc. fit in? Are those my style "vacation spots"? Or can I work them into my "home style" somehow?

Case in point: the Kate Spade "Admit One" bag also arrived and it is adorable, surprisingly capacious and well constructed. I am keeping it and consigning a couple of less-used clutches. In Florida I saw and almost caved on the KS ice-cream truck clutch (it has a strap!) - but how many pastel clutches can this UWP own?

I feel a longer post coming on, hoping to break down the following:

  • What feels like my home style
  • What I love that's outside my home style
  • What I love but can't wear (cropped denim looks like it's going to be in this category)
  • What I don't love and can safely exclude from consideration

And I want to think about these categories in terms of other limiting factors - color, fit, fabric, seasonality. LisaP's recent posts have really resonated with me in terms of the quest for the "next new thing" in conflict with what I actually reach for and wear. Is there any point to hoarding adorable clutches I won't use, or leather jackets I can't work into my outfits?

Anyone else feel sparked by Angie's post? Would love to hear your thoughts!