With each passing year we experience more of what life has to offer. We learn to value our friendships and relationships. We absorb the richness of cultural diversity. We are exposed to more information. And we learn from our successes and our mistakes. 

With our experiences come the gifts of reflection, wisdom, and self-awareness. We can be less impressionable and less concerned about what other people think. We can be more open-minded, positive, proactive, patient and problem solving. The challenges we face can build emotional strength. We can learn about ourselves, deciding where we’d like to continue improving, and what we’d like to accept about ourselves.

Perhaps most importantly, I think we can all be role models for younger generations. I lost my mother when I was quite young, but I’m fortunate to have many wonderful role models, both on and off YLF. I see in them something that I feel myself too — a powerful sense of calm and confidence that comes with age. It inspires me. I see it shine more brightly in their style than anything they wear. It makes them feel more fab in what they wear. I feel it making me more confident in the outfits I wear.

Life is short, and aging is a privilege. By all means be a little more daring with your clothing, footwear, accessories and hairstyle as you age. Wear what makes you happy. Celebrate how you present yourself to the world. Enjoy your style, both the process and the results.