Working with clients over the years, I’ve noticed a strong movement away from wearing skirts and dresses for holiday parties, work functions, and bashes with friends and family. As recently as five years ago, almost all my clients wore a skirt or dress ensemble to a holiday bash. Few fancy ball gowns, but skirt and dress outfits ranging from smart casual to cocktail were all the rage.

Things have changed. The following reasons come to mind.

  • Casualization: The goal posts have shifted in our current fashion world. Jeans are considered adequately dressy for just about any bash these days. And athleisure rules supreme for everyday casual wear.  
  • Environmental norm: You might like to wear skirts and dresses for the holidays, but don’t want to stand out by being the only one to do so at a holiday bash. 
  • Hard to fit: It can be hard to find a dress that fits
  • Hard to style: Skirts are hard to combine with the right top, especially when you don’t like tucking tops into waistbands. 
  • Comfort: Skirts and dresses might require uncomfortable shapewear and hosiery, and feel too constricting. They also look best with heels, which might not be your choice of comfortable footwear. 
  • Impractical: Dresses and skirts can be impractical for frozen Winter climates. Overly breezy, and not very snow boot-friendly. 
  • Economics: It’s budget friendly to make do with a trouser, leggings or jeans outfit you have hanging in your closet already, instead of spending money on a skirt or dress look that won’t get much wear. 

I fully support clients who have chosen to move away from wearing skirts and dresses for the holidays. In fact, I was thinking along similar lines for my own holiday outfit this year and had my mind set on a dressy trouser outfit. But then I found a great A-line frock on sale, and I could shop my closet for the support act of heels, hosiery, pearls, clutch and coat. I don’t mind being the only person wearing a dress, and probably won’t have to contend with snow and ice. I guess this has been my year of the dress

Over to you. Will you be wearing skirts and dresses for the holidays like me, or will you be sticking to jeans, trousers and leggings like most of my clients?