Setting style goals gives us a helpful frame of reference when we review our closet, shop for new items, create outfits, and evolve our style. Putting some thought into the way we maintain and evolve our look over the course of the year makes our style journey more enjoyable and effective. For some it’s more of an organic and intuitive process, whereas for others it’s about keeping and revisiting detailed documentation. Either way, it’s a worthwhile process. 

Of course, style goals are not set in stone. They evolve over time. Here are two of mine that changed recently.

Simple to Retro

  • Original Goal: To wear Simple outfits that are Modern, Crisp, Soft and Dressy
  • Revised Goal: To wear outfits that are Modern, Crisp, Soft, Dressy and Retro 

I have been enjoying the maximalism trend, so the goal of creating simple outfits is less and less relevant. I will happily wear a pattern-mixed and high-contrast outfit with my bright green specs, a bright white multi-strand chunky pearl necklace, and a flashy studded belt. Earlier this year the combination would have felt off to me, but now it feels dead right.

I’m replacing “simple” with “retro” because I’m drawn to style sensibilities that imitate fashions from the ’60’s, ‘70s and ‘80s. My current outfits often have a retro flavour just because they include chunky pearl necklaces.

Dresses Year Round

  • Original Goal: To wear skirts and dresses more frequently in Spring and Summer
  • Revised Goal: To wear skirts and dresses more frequently year-round

I thoroughly enjoyed wearing more skirts and dresses in the Spring and Summer. So much so, that I want to continue my goal into Winter. So I recently bought a wonderful pair of ink blue pull-on suede boots that I can wear with dresses in cold weather. The boots are by a German brand  Peter Kaiser. They are smart casual, tailored, unfussy, low-heeled, well made, fit my narrow calves and fussy feet like a dream, and very comfortable. Their snip toe is on trend, and the colour quite magical.

These boots were a very unexpected find in London. It’s been fun to give my booties and cropped pants a bit of a break as I sport a sweater dress with tailored tall boots, hosiery, pearls, scarf and coat instead.