Knee-high boots have been quite the topic of conversation among my clients this season. Many of them have an assortment of flat, heeled, casual and dressy styles that have been collecting dust for several seasons while booties have been all the rage. 

Booties are trendy and versatile. They work well with on trend cropped jeans and pants. They are much easier to fit than tall boots. They are easier to pull on and take off, and usually more comfortable to wear. And they are less insulating and perfect for a milder climate.

But when my clients start to talk about passing on their knee-high and over-the-knee boots, I am quick to say KEEP THEM. Assuming they are comfortable, in good condition, fit well around the ankle and calf, look flattering, and don’t look dated, there are four good reasons to do so.

  1. They were hard to find because the fit is very tricky to get right. Keep the needle we found in the haystack!
  2. They’re very practical for a wet and cold Seattle climate. Although we’ve had three mild Winters in a row — it probably won’t last. 
  3. One day you’re going to wake up in the dead of Winter and feel like a change from short boots. All you will need to do is shop your closet for another option. Easy. 
  4. And you’ll have the goods when they are back on trend. 

I have five pairs of tall boots that aren’t going anywhere despite infrequent wear. I wear the rugged chocolate mid-calf biker boots the most because of Winter dog walking. The cream go-go boots are bashed up and almost unwearable, but I like looking at them. My classic black riding boots are still going strong, and come out from time to time. My cognac riding boots come out a few times a season too. And my slouchy stone boots look off-trend at the moment, but they’re unique, extremely comfortable, and a sentimental purchase from Italy, so I’m keeping them too.