My happiness factor is through the roof wearing this matchy-matchy wild card Spring tweed dress and jacket combination. The ensemble ticks off all the right boxes on this leg of my style journey because it’s soft, pretty, crisp, tailored, polished and Modern Retro. I’ve worn it out to dinner twice in the last few weeks, and it’s surprisingly comfortable. I’ll be equally happy wearing the suit out shopping with clients and to dressier occasions. 

I bought the bouclé jacket with the intention of combining it with denim. I’ve done exactly that and enjoy the look. Collarless jackets aren’t my preference because of my very long neck and short hair, but this silhouette works because the round neck is high and structured. About a month later, I saw the matching bouclé dress at J.Crew. I couldn’t stop thinking about the dress, and how fun it would be to create a Chanel-esque suit with the jacket I already have hanging in my closet. I LOVE suits, and the dress had sleeves and sufficient hem length (a tall order these days). The exposed back zipper is a fun touch too. My outfit creation juices were flowing with gusto. 

Spring Tweed Jacket - Shoulder

Spring Tweed Jacket - Shoulder

The matchy-matchy bouclé combination in this sort of silhouette can be thought of as dowdy, overly prim and proper, and even unstylish. To remix each bouclé piece with denim or leather neutralizes their prissy integrity, and is probably the more preferred and predictable way to style them. But I was inspired by Anna Wintour, and how immaculate and chic she looks in this formula. I did not see dowdy and definitely don’t feel it when wearing this outfit.

Spring Tweed Jacket - Side

Perfect fit is key to making the combination work, and I was prepared to alter the jacket and dress to create just that. Fortunately, both items fit well straight off the rack. Each item is lined and very well made. The bouclé is non-stretch, yet soft and comfortable. The slightly boxy fit of the jacket and A-line silhouette of the dress are what makes the pieces very comfortable and easy to move in. It would have been a deal-breaker if the pieces were body-con. 

Spring Tweed Jacket - Open

I thought I would only wear the jacket open over the dress because I love the ink statement zipper down the centre front. It turns out that I also love it zipped up to create a skirt and jacket effect. I adore the bright orange flecks in the tweed, the fringed trim all over the suit, and the subtle side-entry pockets in the dress. Surprisingly, the three quarter length sleeves do not bunch under the jacket. There is plenty of room for me to move and get on with the tasks at hand. 

Spring Tweed Dress - Close

Spring Tweed Dress - Back

Spring Tweed - Dress

I finished off the outfit with trendy low block-heeled pointy toe ankle strap pumps, which add a good dose of Modern to the outfit. My new pearl grey Furla satchel adds a streamlined touch. Adding pearls would have been too much of a good thing, so I stuck to my silver watch and wedding ring. The natural waves in my hair and light nude hose are the soft cherry on top. 

Spring Tweed - Jacket Closed

Spring Tweed - Shoes

The colour palette of the outfit also worked out well because it’s low contrast with my hair and complexion. This accentuates the softness I’m after, and I don’t think I’d have liked the look if it was dark or bold. It feels so good to wear a very tailored outfit, and I want to wear more of this type of thing. In part it’s my reaction to the sea of casual oversized slouch that has flooded the retail market over the last few years.

This outfit is in the running for my favourite look of the year and I feel absolutely fabulous wearing it. My word. Suits can make you feel powerful. 

Spring Tweed - Jacket Closed