I just bought what I think is a GORGEOUS Spring tweed jacket from J.Crew (Find #1). When left loose, it has a fabulous bold ink zipper down the centre front, which is how I wear the jacket.

And then I saw the matching sheath in stores in my size last week (Find #2). I couldn't try it on because I was working with a client - but I am going to. The combination of dress and jacket is thought of as "stuffy, mature and frumpy" - and I bet most of you think that. Part of me used to think that too. But I can't help but see the potential for Chic, Ladylike and Modern Retro. AND FRESH above everything else. A very Anna Wintour look:


Of course, each tweed piece is AMAZING restyled with denim or hard edge - and that's easy (almost predictable). But I don't always want easy (I've shared that before on another thread). So I'm going to try the two pieces together to experiment. And of course to have fun! If I feel frumpy in the combination, well there you go. But if I don't, well THERE YOU GO!

ETA: Tried the dress with the jacket. Surprisingly, absolutley no problem with the longer sleeves under the jacket. Comfortable, no bunching, plenty of room - even when I zip up the jacket up.

Will keep you ALL in suspense with whether I'm going for the matchy-matchy "frumpy" look.