The Gap offers matching holiday knitwear for the family almost every season. This year they showcased the “Crazy Stripe” collection, and I loved it. There’s something about the hectic combination of colours paired with the discipline of the geometric stripe that makes me smile.

So just for fun, our little family of three — “tous les trois” — is spreading good cheer in matching pullovers. My magpie gene chose the shimmering crazy stripe. Hubby Greg liked the sporty vibe of the classic crazy stripe. And Sam decided to give warmer colours a go for the holidays. Festive and happy! 

With tea and stollen in hand, we’ll be opening presents on Christmas morning in crazy stripes. Actually, it might just be Greg and me wearing our jumpers. Sam wasn’t exactly overjoyed in his Gap knitwear.

We at YLF wish you Happy Holidays, safe travels, and lots of laughter over the Christmas weekend.

Angie & Sam

Sam & Angie


Greg & Angie