Your hosiery style puts you into one of two camps. You’re on Team Opaque if you like to wear thick, robust, sometimes woolly, and non-transparent tights. You’re on Team Sheer if you prefer hosiery that’s transparent, thin, and ladders more easily. 

I bat for Team Sheer Hosiery. I LOVE the transparency of sheer black, navy, barely black and nude hosiery because to my eye it looks soft, pretty and dressy. The more dainty and less casual vibe suits my style. I also like to wear sheer hosiery with subtle self-colour patterns like fishnets, lace, and polka dots. There is something about black opaque tights that feels too dark, overwhelmingly black, and hard-edged for my style, although I can appreciate the look on others. And wearing thick, woolly tights in Winter as part of a compulsory school uniform back in the day has put me off that look for life.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Opaque or Team Sheer Hosiery? And on this fine Boxing Day, feel free to bat for both teams.