Over the last five years or so I have seen certain fit challenges come up repeatedly as I dress clients across all sizes, heights and body types, and shop across many different retailers. Note that I am not talking about incorrect fit, or garment designs that aren’t suited to a particular body shape. I’m talking about challenges that are more universal. For example:

  • Dresses that are intended for an office environment, but are too short.
  • Sleeves that are cut too narrow on jackets and coats, especially when they’re lined and sans stretch. Sometimes the armholes are cut too short too. 
  • Armholes that are cut too low and wide on sleeveless tops thereby showcasing all sorts of bra exposure. 
  • V-necklines that are too low. 
  • Slouchy tops that are overly big everywhere. When size Medium clients regularly fit into Extra Small tops, you know that there is something wrong with the design. 
  • Toe boxes that run too narrow on dressy footwear. 
  • Premium denim that runs awfully small (although this one seems to be improving).
  • Widths of jeans and trousers that are too narrow on the calves.
  • Plus-sized garments that are too long in the sleeves, torso, rise and overall length. 
  • Pocket linings that grin through the fronts of trousers that ruin the look of the garment.
  • Small sizes like XS and a US0 that run larger than they used to. Unless there is the option to size down to an XXS or US00, these sizes are sized out of a particular brand. 

Have you noticed similar fit challenges over the last few years as you shop and refresh your wardrobes?