We saw embroidery make a comeback for Spring and Summer, as it adorned all sorts of lightweight bohemian tops and a few pairs of jeans. For Autumn and Winter, as a nod to the Maximal trend, embellishments like embroidery are in full force and can be found on just about any wardrobe item. It’s on shirts, blouses, knitted tops, knitwear, jackets, coats, jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, footwear, handbags, scarves and belts.

These visuals provide a good taste for the trend. 

The embroidery trend is maximal in the extreme. None of the embroideries are tonal with their backgrounds, nor are the designs limited to a single colour. Embroideries are large, high-contrast and often multi-coloured. Sometimes the backgrounds of the embroideries are patterned and embellished with beads or studs for extra texture and colour. There is nothing subtle about this trend. It is designed for maximum impact. 

The trend takes me back the ‘70s and ‘90s. I wore it then, and I would wear it now. It’s the bohemian, arty, retro, happy, intricate, fun and folksy vibe of embroidery that usually creates the appeal. Like lace, I think embroidery is pretty, romantic and charming. And since I’m drawn to pretty things, I like embroidered items. Their retro integrity is a plus, and so is the fact that Maximalism looks fresh after several years of minimal fashion.

I fancy the idea of embroidered jeans, a dress, a bag, and possibly even a shoe or topper. Adding one embroidered item to my wardrobe will probably be sufficient, and I’m not not sure how maximal I will go.

Over to you. What do you think of the embroidery trend? Would you wear any of these items, or are they too maximal for you?