If I had to pick one colour that was the most popular with my clients and friends, it wouldn’t be blue, red or black as you might expect. It would be purple. Purple is a crowd-pleaser! Some like all shades of purple, from soft lavenders and electric orchids, right through to a rich shade of eggplant. Others stick to saturated mid-tones like amethyst and magenta. Some prefer a muddier violet and mauve. Some prefer pink purples, while others like their purples more blue. And almost everyone enjoys a very deep purple, which they wear like a neutral. 

I’m in the minority. Although I love it when my friends and clients wear all sorts of purples because it’s their happy colour and they wear it well, it’s not a colour I am drawn to for my own style, or even as an accent colour in our home. Apart from one old cashmere pullover that I wear a few times a year, I have nothing purple in my wardrobe. 

I can’t explain why I’m not drawn to wearing more purple. I like looking at soft and saturated purples like the ones in the collection below. They do work with my complexion, and look good with white and blue denim, which I wear often. Purple also complements my bright green specs. Maybe I need to start wearing more purple!

Over to you. Do you like purple, and how well is it represented in your wardrobe? I’m willing to bet there are LOTS of purple lovers out there.