After a five year hiatus I’m back to wearing my assortment of chunky pearl necklaces several times a week. I prefer my pearl necklaces white, classic, dressy, retro and without metal or mixed media detailing. Along with my bright green specs, I’m on a Maximal leg of my style journey. I am thoroughly enjoying the change.

The exact necklaces in my pearl capsule are represented in this collection. 

It was easy to add a pearl necklace to my outfits through Spring and Summer because they look best over crew necks, slash necks and boat necks, or inside the collar of a plaid shirt. As we head into Autumn and Winter, turtlenecks are my preferred neckline, but short pearl necklaces just don’t look as good on a turtleneck. 

Turtlenecks are well suited to my giraffe neck and short hair. Plus, I like the warmth of the high collar around my neck. But I don’t want to stop wearing my short pearl necklaces, so I’ll wear turtlenecks a little less frequently and consider crew necks, roll necks and boat necks as I refresh my knitwear for the season. I’ll add a scarf to cover my neck when I feel cold outdoors. 

I refreshed my knitwear capsule with the following pullovers this season, all of which are “pearl necklace friendly”.

Incremental style evolution is a good thing. Make sure that your shopping strategies are aligned with the way you want to evolve your style so that you can create the look you’re after.