These ensembles were inspired by my own outfits that feature one of my equestrian jackets. I’ve had my tweed Smythe jackets for years, and wear them very frequently in Autumn. The best part about them is that they will not date. A classic equestrian jacket can be refreshed each season with a trendy support act. My Smythes were well worth the price, and probably my best NAS purchases to date. 

My favourite equestrian outfits this year are represented in the collections below, which use the exact items from my wardrobe. I’m favouring my shorter Smythe jacket this year, just for fun. I swap out my bags and boots from time to time, keeping the rest of the outfit the same. 

Outfit Capsule 1

Outfit Capsule 2

I’ve kept to neutrals because they work so well with the equestrian look, but feel free to use any colour palette. Go high or low contrast.

Here are the components:

Equestrian Jacket: An equestrian jacket in a tweed, velvet or wool is first choice. But if you don’t have one of those, substitutes like tailored blazers or jackets will work just fine. They MUST be tailored at the waist, because that’s a dressy equestrian requirement. 

Layering Top: I like my Smythe jackets to take centre stage so I usually keep the layering tops simple. A sleek or fluid turtleneck works well, as does a cashmere tee, a regular tee, or any other fairly sleek knitted top or pullover with a neckline of your choosing. Semi-tuck the top and add a belt that works with the booties, if you like. 

I haven’t shown it in the ensemble below, but I sometimes also wear a high necked Victorian blouse under my equestrian jackets. In the spirt of Maximalism, pattern mix the jacket and blouse.  

Trendy Cropped Bottoms: Wearing trendy bottoms is a key way to refresh the classic vibe of the jacket. Wear cropped flares or straights, or culottes in denim or trouser fabrications. White flared crops are great because white bottoms are dressy equestrian.  

Trendy Booties: Choose high-shaft booties to go with the cropped lengths of the bottoms. Keep them sleek on the ankle for an authentic look. Keep the booties tonal or high contrast to the bottoms. Metallic neutrals are another way to go. 

Accessories: Finish off the look with a bag that tickles your fancy (that’s satchels and clutches for me). Add bling around your neck for a maximal effect (normally chunky pearls or a pile of smaller ones in my case). Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

Ensemble: Tailored Equestrian

I LOVE a tailored equestrian look. To my eye, it’s the most chic of all the sporty looks. It’s also a sentimental look because I used to ride horses, doing dressage and showing as a child and teen.