Fashion is moving away from tight skinny jeans and pants to proportions that are shorter and wider from hip to ankle. Voluminous and streamlined culottes are all the rage, as are pleated trousers with high waists and roomy thigh fits. Two examples from my own wardrobe are shown in the collection below. 

I thoroughly enjoy wearing these trendy bottoms. Using booties or nude knee highs to compensate for the extra exposure, I’ve been able to wear them in our Seattle Autumn weather. But with temperatures plummeting I’m starting to feel the chill on my legs when I’m out and about. Yet another practical reason to reach for narrow fit jeans or trousers instead, like skinnies, cropped straights or skinny flares.

But I’m not giving up that easily. Cropped wide silhouettes feel so fresh and new and I’m determined to wear them into Winter. So I’m layering a pair of nude pantyhose under the pants and jeans to insulate my legs. I’m not into tights, but that’s another option. The roomy silhouette of the jeans and pants makes the layer of hosiery on the legs a non-issue, (for me, at least). But you do have to get used to the added compression on the midsection because you’re wearing two waistbands. I’m ok with this since it’s not an everyday look.

Knee-high boots under the wide bottoms is another option, but one that won’t insulate my entire leg. Long underwear will not insulate the foot unless I add socks, which becomes tricky with cropped lengths. So hosiery has been my best solution so far, but I’m open to suggestions if you have them.