This ensemble was inspired by a capsule collection I saw in Banana Republic last week. It combines four neutrals — cream, taupe, ink blue, and denim — with two colours — coral and blush. The result is a fresh, Summery, rich and versatile set of outfits. 

Banana Republic

By all means create your own mix-and-match capsule around this colour palette. Use patterns and solids, or solids alone. Patterns can be represented in items such as tops, dresses, scarves, skirts or pants. For starters, think of ways to combine coral, blush, cream, taupe, denim & ink blue with the items that you have in your wardrobe. You don’t need to combine all the colours in one outfit, but you can combine three to five of them. I’ve started the ball rolling with four renditions. There is a blush bag for every rendition to represent that colour of the palette, and either topper can be worn over the four outfits. 

Ensemble: Coral, Blush, Cream, Taupe & Ink Blue

Jeans, Coral Top & Cream Jacket

This is the easiest outfit to pull together if you wear coral. Combine a coral top with blue jeans and a cream topper like a blazer, vest or cardigan. Finish off the outfit with taupe, cream, blush or metallic footwear that works with the style of the jeans. Remember that the blush footwear matches the blush bag. 

Taupe Dress Plus Pattern

Combine a solid or patterned taupe dress with a scarf in the colour palette of the ensemble. I’ve used a cream, coral and denim scarf to bring in some blue. Top things off with a cream, coral or blue denim jacket. Add taupe, cream or blush footwear that works with the style of the dress.

Coral Skirt & Cream Top

Choose a solid or patterned coral skirt in a style that tickles your fancy. Add a cream top that works with the skirt. Leave it at that and add blush footwear and bag. Cream or denim jacket is optional. Of course, metallic, cream and taupe footwear will work too. 

Ink Blue Pants, Blush Top & Denim Jacket 

Combine ink blue pants with a blush top and blue denim or cream jacket. Add ink blue or blush footwear to work with the bag. I’ve omitted the coral from this rendition for those who do not wear coral. You can add a coral bag if you like the colour, but don’t like to wear it close to your face. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Add five more tops that can be worn with these outfits and you’ll have a complete business casual capsule in the palette. The jeans will work for casual Fridays.