This outfit has been a workhorse and fast fall back outfit for Spring. I’ve worn it many times to work with clients and out to dinner. The individual items, remixed with other items in my wardrobe, have been workhorses too. I bought them early in the season and have been able to wear the heck out of them already in our lovely warm and sunny weather. 

I was drawn to the Ditsy Chorus Floral Handkerchief Hem Blouse because it’s bright, happy, romantic, and pretty. Its ‘70s vibe appealed to my love for Modern Retro. But when it arrived, it looked different to the online photo. More neon in colour and more voluminous in silhouette. I loved the neon coral pattern but I couldn’t size down. Being a stickler for good fit, I gave this some thought.

Matchy Florals - Shoulder

Making sure that tops, dresses and toppers are sufficiently tailored around my neck, shoulders, and on the arms is extremely important to me and I will not compromise. So I moved the back button and added a snap to make the neckline fit more neatly around my neck. That pulled the shoulder seams into the right place and made the neckline a little higher. The sleeves were already a great length for my long arms. 

Matchy Florals - Close

Matchy Florals - Side

Matchy Florals - Full

The additional structure that I created up top, plus the stellar soft drape of the fabric made me feel completely comfortable with the voluminous swing on the torso. I don’t feel like it overwhelms my slight frame because the fabric collapses back onto the body. The side views don’t look overly “muu muu” either — at least not to me. Sorted! 

There are few things that make me feel as good as a great fitting pair of white jeans, which is why I have several pairs across silhouettes. Current Elliot’s straight crops are my favourite white jeans at the moment because they showcase the alluring ankle and are ever so slightly relaxed. I prefer to wear the floral swing blouse with white jeans because it looks more dressy, crisp and dramatic than it does with blue. It looks nice with my extra long, white flares too. 

Matchy Florals - Blouse Close

Matchy Florals - Blouse

I saw the bright red jacket at Zara and it was love at first sight. The colour launched me into orbit, as did the stiff popped collar. The ‘60s vibe was perfect, and so was the fit. The very tailored shoulders, structured collar, and cropped length offset the boxy silhouette. I’m not usually a fan of belted jacket welts but this belt is short, attached, lightweight and therefore not fussy. I wear the jacket open, and it works over many of my tops and some of my skirts and dresses. Wearing the boxy jacket over the swing blouse surrenders the waist in a big way, so I’m going with “just flattering enough.” 

Matchy Florals - Shady

Matchy Florals - Shady Side

Louise et Cie’s Esperance Pumps in a vibrant floral pattern seemed like an appropriate way to celebrate sunny and warm weather. Their ankle straps are a match made in heaven with cropped jeans. They’re very comfortable and were mine right after trying them on. Most fashionistas are wearing trendy chunky footwear at the moment, but I’m sticking with pretty, dainty and tailored because that’s better suited to my feet and style. I once went shopping with a client all day in these shoes and they go the distance.

I couldn’t resist pairing the floral pumps with the floral blouse and pearl grey satchel to create a very Matchy-Matchy look. Why not! That’s a new thing for me, as is the boho-lite blouse. I’ve left off the pearls, but added my specs, watch, wedding ring to complete the outfit. 

Matchy Florals - Heels

A new bright Spring and Summer jacket becomes an instant workhorse for me. Four years ago, I wore my citron blazer with everything. It wore through, so it’s resting in peace. I replaced it with a better quality neon green jacket that I wore so much Greg’s eyes began to hurt. Last year’s Dutch orange blazer was a hit, and this year’s Retro red jacket is the winner. As for the jeans and blouse, they’re workhorses because I miss them when they’re in the laundry. Instead of purchasing more of the same, I’m simply going to continue wearing the heck out of these pieces.

Matchy Florals - Path