Often the time that we budget for getting ready in the morning is cut short. So unless we already had a good idea of what we were going to wear that day, we need what I call a “fast fall back outfit” (FFBO). The FFBO is a no-brainer, tried and tested outfit combination that you feel great wearing, AND takes you two secs to put together.

Fast fall back outfits will vary and you may have more than one. I have two generic FFBO combinations:

  • Dress and boots, or ballet flats depending on the season
  • Skinny jeans tucked into flat boots with turtle neck and jacket

As much as I love skirts and wear them regularly, they take the longest to style. I also very rarely wear slacks or walk shorts, so if I’m not in jeans, I’m either in a dress or skirt.

It might be worthwhile to create several FFBOs if you don’t have them already. You could even go so far as to plan the exact outfit combinations in advance. For example, the following ensemble is a more specific interpretation of my first generic FFBO:

  • Charcoal sheath dress
  • Dove grey cascading cardigan
  • Textured hose
  • Chestnut slouch boots
  • Gold accessories
  • Blue handbag

I know this outfit is a winner. I can grab it and feel fabulous in no time at all. Just what the doctor ordered when you only have a minute to decide what to wear.

Do you have fast fall back outfits? If so, what are they? If not, do you think they’re worth the effort?