Today we’re going to celebrate the most important style-related things you’ve done so far this year. It can be anything at all. A well-curated closet. The realization of an important style epiphany. Tracking your wears. Wearing a trend you thought you couldn’t wear. Thinking of your wardrobe in terms of capsules. Dressing the body you have now. Taking off your sales goggles. Organizing your jewellery box. Wearing more colour and pattern. Tempering your poison eye. Being more patient with your style. Going grey with pride. Taking a stand with your Summer body. Sticking to your style moniker. Successfully taking yourself out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Resisting the temptation to “compare and despair”.

Or simply that you wore the heck out of your clothes. I’ll go first.

I’m celebrating four things. First, taking a stand with my Summer body has been liberating.  It’s been FABULOUS wearing dresses and skirts more than ever in our gorgeous Spring weather. Self-acceptance is therapeutic, calming and strengthening. Second, embracing the waves in my hair has been a revelation after using a flat iron for what seems like forever. My style feels soft and refreshed. Third, I am officially back on Team Sandal after buying two pairs. It took a while getting used to seeing my toes in outfits again, but I’m over the hump. And fourth, I’ve stayed within my budget, even when shopping for Spring and Summer wardrobe items is a shopping weakness. I’m done shopping for the season until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July. All that’s left to do is wear the heck out of my clothes.

Over to you. Time for me to pat your back.