Fashion has been highlighting the ankle for several seasons. Once considered more risqué than exposed breasts in western society, and still off limits in some cultures, ankles definitely have an allure. In most cases, the ankle is highlighted by exposing it, but sometimes it’s covered in just the right way. Here are some examples. 

  • Cropped pants and jeans in multiple silhouettes come to mind right away. Flared or tapered hems are cropped two to four inches above the ankle to make a statement, for example. 
  • Ankle strap footwear with straps that are positioned on or above the ankle bone showcase the ankle quite beautifully. Ankle straps that criss-cross along or above the ankle are another way to do just that. Cage heels showcase the ankle too.
  • High-vamped footwear like loafers, oxfords, short shaft booties, cut-out booties, sandal booties and sneakers are more subtle ways of showcasing the ankle. Their high vamps highlight the ankle by cutting close to it, or covering it to create emphasis. 
  • High-low maxi dresses and skirts lift a little higher in front to showcase the ankle. 
  • Tattoos are strategically placed around the ankle to draw attention to it.
  • Statement ankle socks, which are particularly popular with the fashionable youth of Japan and Hong Kong, draw immediate attention to the ankle. 

You might not want to showcase your midsection, décolleté, back, upper arms or thighs, but you CAN showcase your ankles, and feel instantly confident and attractive when doing so. You don’t need to have slim, sculptured ankles to make the fashion I described here work well for you. All ankle shapes can look great sporting today’s ankle-accentuating fashions when you find the versions that work best for you. 

I think it’s marvelous that a seemingly nondescript part of the body is having its fashion moment. I hereby declare the ankle the body part of the year.