ExampleThe resurgence of ‘70s and ‘90s fashion has brought back the neckerchief or “handkerchief scarf”, which is a small square-shaped scarf. It’s tied tightly or loosely around the neck with the ends tucked in or out of sight. 

The bandana has been a fringe trend for a while. It’s probably the easiest type of neckerchief to wear because it’s a casual accessory. You can add a bandana to any casual outfit and not feel like you’re overdoing it or getting too dressed up. As an iconic classic, it stands the test of time and can be moulded to become part of any style persona. Red, black, white and blue bandanas are most popular, but they’re available in all colours these days. Tie-dye and floral bandana-esque neckerchiefs are fun alternatives. 

The silky neckerchief can look glam and gorgeous, but might feel a little much or “precious” at times. Or too much like a flight attendant’s uniform. Dressing it down with sporty or denim outfit elements is one way to temper the look. Or simply go with dressy and glam and rock the vibe. 

Here are some street style shots that might inspire you to sport a neckerchief. You’ll notice how neutral these outfits are — a flop proof way of combining the neckerchief in outfits: 

  1. Treble Classics
  2. Distressed High Contrast
  3. Breton stripes and denim never let us down
  4. Sporty Luxe meets ‘80s Power Dressing
  5. Quietly Black
  6. With a ‘50s Touch
  7. Chartreuse Cowgirl
  8. Nautically Inspired
  9. Boyfriend-y with heels and clutch
  10. Rough Around The Edges Preppy


Neckerchiefs are a slam dunk on a regular or longer neck, especially when they’re tied tightly like a choker. But shorter necks can wear the look just as well with a few adjustments. Choose a soft and less bulky neckerchief and tie it a little more loosely around the neck. Also, choose a neckerchief that is low contrast against your skin tone if you don’t want to create a horizontally cutting line. 

I saw my Mum wear silky neckerchiefs in the ‘70s, and I wore them a lot in the early ‘90s. I also wore red and blue bandanas, while Greg wore grey and black bandanas. So far, I have not felt inclined to try the neckerchief again probably because I’ve just rediscovered my pearl necklaces and am focussing on those as my neck accessory. That said, never say never, and I love the look of the neckerchief on others.

Over to you. Would you wear a neckerchief?