After lots of trial and error, and life-changing advice from a dermatologist and savvy aesthetician, I learned that a simple beauty routine with the right products for my skin works best. And inexpensive skincare products seem to work best of all. 

Caudalie’s gentle buffing cream was recommended to me after a recent facial. I was skeptical because I thought it would be expensive (I’m done purchasing pricey skincare products that fight with my skin). But for $15 I was prepared to give it a go. I love this product, and now use it twice a week! It’s very gentle, scent-free, and makes your skin feel smooth and luxurious. It also does NOT strip your skin of its natural oils. What a win. 

As a vigilant daily user of creamy sunscreen on my face and neck, I’m also aware that my hands and bare forearms need sun protection. They catch the sun when I drive or when I’m walking our Yorkie Sam. The tops of my feet also seem to catch a lot of sun when I’m out and about. So I’ve bought Neutrogena’s sunscreen body mist to spray on those parts of my body. You can’t be too careful when you have sensitive pale skin and are frequently exposed to the sun. (YES. The sun continues to shine in Seattle and I’m LOVING it.)