On Angie's post yesterday about the neckerchief trend, I wrote that I'm on the fence though there is a fun retro appeal; I wore them back in my practicing punk/ska days and have a little box full of pretty vintage silk squares tucked away. Couldn't get Joy's fabulous outfit from yesterday out of my head. So! Of course I had to wear something inspired by it today ^^

Pulled out one of the few squares that never got put away in the holding box, vintage to either the 1960s or 1980s. Paired with a "new" oversized boxy leatherette-front tee -- a piece gambled final sale in fall 2013 that turned out a size+ too large, so has remained unworn (could definitely use some taking in at the top and through the sides, if possible). The leatherette part is thick but pliable so it doesn't exactly drape but it also isn't overly stiff; the back/sleeves are ponte. I'm gambling today that it doesn't look as oversized as it feels!

Faded jeans and black ankle-strap flats to finish the outfit, as Joy had in hers. Accessorized with gray rock crystal studs for a little extra glam, striped clutch because two patterns just isn't enough (hah! but, seriously, it's not), retro sunnies to go with the retro vibe of the scarf, and a swipe of cherry pink lipstick for a little sweetness/color contrast.

Surprised to find I enjoyed the little silky neckerchief (probably from the retro/western vibe), and will likely wear one again. Might even dig up an old gray/white bandanna from the motorcycle gear bin for a more casual weekend outfit. Thanks for the inspiration, Angie and Joy!

Comments, critiques, thoughts and questions welcome.

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