Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments, my goodness! So interesting that the top photographs as "easy" versus "oversized"; unfortunately by the end of the day I really did feel overly swamped so I don't think I could happily wear it again without altering unless I was in just the right mood. Hopefully I can have it altered so that it looks and feels, in person, the way that it does in the photographs

Denise, what a beautiful woman to be compared to, thank you! She's definitely my kind of glam ^^

Aliona, the scarf tie is pretty simple: fold in a triangle, while grasping the ends twirl around a few times to "roll" about half the scarf, then loosely knot with the remaining triangles askew.

Smittie, hah well I do have some leatherette capris but I think it would feel too hard edged since both pieces are black; if the top was white I'd feel better. I do have a cream sleeveless knit top that has leatherette side panels that I could wear with the black capris though. I'll give that a go with a different scarf next week sometime!

Wow! You are just stunning in this. Love everything about it. The leather top is just SO cool on you with that neckerchief. I'm swooning!

Love the neckerchief look on you! And the top is fab, too, so I'd encourage you to alter it so you can enjoy it fully!

Do you think you weren't excited by the return of the small scarf because it reminded you of an earlier version of your style? Sort of a "you can't go back if you want to move forward?"

What if you work one of your favorite scarves once each week?

Beautiful outfit. I just saw the pink and white outfit and loved it and this black and blue outfit is just as fab. I always look forward to your posts.

Thank you Beth Ann and Bonnie!

Beth Ann, I don't really mind earlier versions of my style; I've had plenty of consistent components though certainly dress a LOT better now If anything the scarves remind me of my band days which were lots of fun. I think I just like big, blingy necklaces more right now -- if I'm going to wear anything around my neck at all, since I usually opt to keep my necklines clean in favor of big earrings these days.