WIW Red High Tops sneakers and black ...

Dear Fabbers, Today I made a new attempt to style the orphan Liebeskind red sneakers. I wore this outfit for some Saturday afternoon errands and

#OOTD: Extreme Colourful Casual

It's Friday. No client meetings. I'm very casual working from home, running errands, walking Sam, and going out to casual supper with friends


WIW...Oct. 18

Cool, but very sunny. All my travel clothes are going through the laundry, I wanted something light, but cozy, so: White jeans - Calvin Klein

Fab items, unfab combo: details are everything!

I didn't snap a photo, but yesterday I wore a combo that made me feel UNfab.  Yet I love every single item I wore.  So what was the


WIW and crop flares many ways

Tried crop flared denim a few different ways and added another outfit from this week. 1 Joggers, zip sweater, wedge sneakers -errrands and dinner

WIW: Random collection :)

Hi all, Been a while since I posted. I've been reading regularly but haven't participated much. I think work stress has really been getting to


WIW - Vancouver and Seattle

These outfits are from my recent quick trip to Vancouver and Seattle.  I should have taken a picture of what I packed since I ended up


I'm Wearing Grey!

I recently posted about whether I should get the Boden "Dog Person" pullover because I loved everything about it. But it was grey, which does not


WIW...going home!

I ripped a page out of Angie’s travel book, and wore the same (or very close to it) outfit for my trip home from Seattle, as I did going there.

October WIW - fickle spring looks

Hi All It has been a super fickle spring here.  It is definitely a cool one with the odd hot day interspersed.   I want to wear


WiW: blazer and sneakers - for Angie

Sorry to hog the forum. Angie suggested this and I listened! In an Angie pose too - not sure I am carrying it off as well though...maybe I need Sam?


Trying flared bottom jeans

Saw these jeans at Target and thought it would be fun to try.  Very comfy and a nice heavy weight to the denim, but not sure about


Surprise! It’s bike weather.

Someone got a new bike for his birthday last week, the leaves are changing, and now we’ve had two days with temps in the low 70s (over 20

Purple, brown and leopard

These pictures are actually from last September, but I didn't have the courage to post. :) The impatiens matched my top! Blouse and skirt, Banana


WIW: Daytime apple festival, evening haunted house

Black apple casual t-shirt, orange denim skirt, bare legs, orange Halloween socks with white ghosts and black trim, and black New Balance tennis


WIW for the big 4-0

Hi everyone! Half of my celebration was yesterday and I didn’t take any pics. But today, my actual birthday, we traveled home from visiting my

Some Casual in Action WIW's

It's been a disappointing year for dresses, but a brilliant one for pants, jeans, colours and patterns. I'm MILKING IT, loving it, and having


WIW...and what I bought

My trip to Seattle was a whirl-wind. Much time spent with my Father, his wife, my brother and SIL. Dad is doing pretty good - all things

WIW...on a hike

If you can’t wear plaid flannel in Seattle, I don’t know where you would wear it! :-D My brother took me out for a gentle hike to Franklin

WIW: Autumn in LA

My first LA fall, and highs have ranged from the mid-70s to the upper 80s. You wouldn’t believe the number of people I see in sweaters and


Button up!

Technically not a true crisp button front because it’s stretch silk. An old favourite. Very early YLF purchase still going strong. Off for a



I'm a big fan of Nike sneakers. I have three pair that I wear often. I wore my black suede pair in NYC for two weeks walking 10,000 to 20,000


WIW: Thanksgiving Lunch

On Sunday we had some family and friends over for Thanksgiving lunch.  I made soup and salads and bought bread and deserts at the markets.I

WIW - Everlane mock neck

I really love these Everlane mock neck cotton sweaters. Got 2, bone and grey, and I have gotten compliments on them each time I've worn them.


The new Earth tone me

My latest outfits below - as well as some commentary on my new style direction, inspired by Lisa: In 2014, going back to work after my daughter


Tokyo (with extra pics added)

We are having an amazing time in Tokyo. Angie is so right as the food is superb! After eating in the restaurant shown below, the waiter kind of


WIW: some recent faves

Earthones, check (pics 2/5)! Velvet and jeans (pic 6,) check! Mustard and grey (pic 4,) check! Sharing a few of my favorites from the last few

More pix & another outfit with my Velvet top

When I get some wide-legged pants, I want to do today’s formula #4, but for now the post prompted me to wear it with what I’ve got. I wore it

WIW Mustard for breakfast

Waving at my Cons twins, Suz and Angie! My younger daughter Emily got engaged last weekend and we met for breakfast today to chat about her


Mustard Capsule in Progress ETA addition and possible addition...

The mustard Cons came! At first I wasn't sure they'd fit -- it was a bit weird getting my foot into the shoe. That's down to my higher arch/