Lots of WIWs: Trendy Classic Colour & Pattern

It's been a while. Life with a puppy and new sibling for Yorkie Sam is beautifully rich, full and hectic. I wouldn't have it any other way :)


Half way report: 3 x 10 x 30

Hi All I have been working diligently at my challenge and have a few pics to share.  I decided to share them once I had worn an item three


WIW: Date Night!

Mr. Suz got his second shot! To celebrate, we went out for dinner for the first time in about a year. BC is slowly reopening. Yippee! It felt


WIW - anniversary date

Last year we celebrated our anniversary with a home-cooked meal in our yard, so this year it was nice to do a little overnight getaway in


My yearly post, lol. *Added another few creations. Pic heavy.

I’ve been going through some turmoil and was looking for a project to get the heck out of my own head and circumstances! So … bored of some


June outfits with a challenge

My extra challenge for this month was super comfortable outfits with summer colors - more navy/white than black/white. Besides having knee

WIW: Turquoise EF dress styled

I wore the turquoise dress to church.  It was pretty warm, but not scorching.  I wore my charcoal EF sandals, vintage charcoal Coach


Still splendid summer sunshine eta sundress toppers?

This week is proof, as if any was needed, that deciding what to wear in advance is really not my thing any more than rule-following in general

Black and blue!

It’s Friyay! The old salt mine has been taking its toll—felt a little beat up these last few weeks. So happy it’s the weekend and grateful

June 3x10 - week #2

Sal’s challenge: choose 10 items, and wear each one styled 3 different ways (mixing and matching with each other or other items from my

June 3x10 week 2

Second week of the challenge and I had a busy week so kept things simple with my outfits but tried to mix things up and make them a bit different


WIW 6/13 : Simple Summer Black

Hi All, I'm not a fan of black in summer, especially on hot summer days, but here's my outfit from last night. It was summer rain in the


WIW - juxtaposition

I enjoy juxtaposition in dressing, and this outfit has all kinds: new and very old pieces, super cheap and high-end, and dressy with very casual.


week ending 11/06

I have stuck to my resolution not to wear jeans to work.  Thats the easiest part.  The hardest part is making things look interesting


My Week

A few outfits from this week! Most of the items are in finds... 1) Feels like another Social Worker outfit. I taught my Life Skills class in

WIW 6/11

Today is as a casual day. I wore the Madewell balloon jeans with a welted top. I bought the sandals with Nordstrom’s notes I had to use. I


Cold Summer Black

Put this on before seeing Angie's post, and it's also one more for Sal's challenge :) Juxtaposition inspired by Janet too! It's raining today and

WIW Got my retro groove on

I have been watching the first season of American Soul, which is about the television show Soul Train, a Saturday afternoon ritual in my youth.

Summer :)

It finally got warm this week for real, with highs in the 70s and sunny days. There was some rain, but none of the all-day soaks we’d been

WIW…’is that a new hat?’

This week has been stinkin ’ hot with high UV days.  I’ve developed a bit of a uniform - lots of sunscreen (SPF 60 is my brew of

WIW out & about!

I used to post on YLF quite a bit (maybe 8 years ago?), but this is my first plunge back into the WIW waters since I've started posting


WIW - Wide(ish) Crops

Hi friends, after Angie's post about wide crops, I decided to pull out the pair I bought several years ago but have not worn much. After wearing


WIW x3: More asymmetry

I find Angie's outfit formula posts endlessly inspiring and enjoy putting together a bunch of outfits based on them, usually tying to both


Christina F’s no jeans challenge

Enjoying this challenge. Does not hurt that our weather has been beastly and jeans are just too hot. Coords (ie uniqlo pjs), target bottega knock


The no-jeans challenge

I joined in Christina F.'s no-jeans challenge for the last part of May. I interpreted it as no blue jeans, and wore some colored denim. The

Sal's challenge so far

Some very simple outfits for the challenge. I love summer dressing cause it's just so darn easy! No sleeves, no toppers, and no hard to fit

Summer Asymmetrical Looks

I adore asymmetrical designs and have quite a few. Thought I’d share some of my spring/summer outfits that feature this element. I enjoy the


WIW A hodgepodge of summer looks, new items! plus hair

Well the title says it all - this is pretty much how I dress in the summer. Sorry about #2, I tried to remove the messy background. You will have


Just Regular Clothes

I’ve been so excited to see all of the WIWs today. I love seeing all of your excellent style. Thought I should post some too. Comments and

BP paperbag joggers and a rescue from the donation pile

Nordstrom's BP line always has some cute casual items that are well priced. Joggers with a paperbag waist... how could I resist? :) The thrifted