To Market we go...

Hey Family, To the Fleek (Flea) Market. One of Chicago's largest monthly markets for Thrifters. One of the things I often struggle with now is

WIW: Two outfits with pink, and a K/R

I wore both outfits yesterday. The first one I wore during the day. It was very windy. The sandals are Hunter, the company that makes rubber


Wiws this week

Hello all, Just a little collection of wiws this week. Nothing exciting but I’d still appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thanks so much, I


Ask Angie & Everyone: Are cropped flares still in style?

Hi Everyone!Even though I've been around in the comments, it's been a long time since I posted a WIW. This time I have a question: Are cropped


WIW - for April showers

Hi all, not a fascinating outfit but just sharing my final choice of raincoat (and thanks for all your input) ... I went with the wild card

WIW - blue and white and spring all over!

Hi all, making the most of some glorious weather and spring temps before the April showers set in. This is a blouson top that I was reminded to

WIW 4/24: Tonal Column of Colors ( red/coral/light pink)

Finally warm weather and my outfit is inspired by this Angie’s post. I like colors so it was a challenge to make this outfit. I am not sure if


Angie's BR jacket with a maximal sleeve wrap top.

What do you think? Am I delusional or was this look a success? -Rag and Bone mom jeans, bright red -AGL flats, the same bright red -Parker floral

WIW 4.24 debuting the Arctic sneakers

I’m taking advantage of the nice spring temperatures to debut these new sneakers, since the wear test at home went well! I pulled out an


WIW:new dress. With questions

Wore this for the first to work yesterday. 1. Do you think dark tights would be better? Felt a bit short. 2. I really need a cami that isn't a


WIW Green dress BR denim jacket in Madrid

Dear Fabbers, I’ve just returned from a fantastic weekend in Madrid with my mum. So special to spend time away, just the two of us. I stalked


WIW- cullotes

Dear YLF, Life has been busy to the point of falling asleep in the couch whenever I sit there in the evening for more than 5min. I have been


Rock the BELLS...

Does anyone remember the L.L. Cool J. Song from the 80's Hey Family. I hope this post finds you all well. So looking at todays post it reminded

WIW - New thrifted items, almost mules

I went to my favorite thrift store with my sister last weekend and made out like a bandit.  I don't think I've been in around a year so it


WIW Oldies outfit 6 white jean peplum jacket

Today’s oldie is a white jean peplum Italian jacket by Scervino Street, I have had about 6 years. The last 3 years it has not been worn almost

ETA Oldie challenge: specs print shirt. ‘Nother pic added.

Hello Fabbos, Here’s my attempt at the oldies challenge, slightly late. This shirt is Tommy Hilfiger glasses print from 7 years ago. I notice


lilac/camo/jewellery 4.20- plus jeans lesson

This seemed to be a comfortable , fresh-feeling outfit for  this first-nice-spring-day.....but when I looked at the photos, I realized that the


WHBM Twin Set

Angie mentioned this combo in her April 2nd Fab Finds post saying she “squealed in the dressing room” when her client tried it on. What a


Turquoise ! WIW

Today I went to a birthday lunch for a girlfriend. The sun is shining but it’s still cold. I forgot that I had this coat. Had to post pics


My palette’s Care Bears. What’s yours?

Hi gang. I can’t resist but share today’s wiw (1) as it’s an example of my favorite soft summer colour palette, personalized by adding some


WIW Oldies outfit 7 -old jacket with ruffles and new trousers

Last oldie in this challenge - a black ruffled Valentino jacket, bought 7 years ago. I wore the jacket today (Saturday) over a yellow knitted top

My Cos widelegs: trendy or ridiculous?

Hi fabbies. Here’s some pics of my new Cos widelegs (pics 3 & 4). Are they trendy and modern or do they just look a bit silly? I’m not


WIW - jewellery, and kicking fear to the curb

Hi all, with your inspiration and encouragement, I am challenging myself to actually wear the little baubles, especially earrings, I have. I

WIW final oldie...jcrew made me do it....

My first retail job was for The Gap back in 1985....this shirt is from then...i’ve saved it because it represents what was going on in fashion


WIW: Shopping trip

Little shopping trip this morning, a few essentials (sun cream/sun hat for Child! We have sunshine and high temps here!) and some bits I needed.

A Coral Kind of Day

I have spring fever! I planned this outfit last night when I only saw the high for the day. W/hen I left in the a.m. it was still 37 degrees. Yet


I did a thing: Athletic wear and a story

There’s a bit of a story to go with this one. So as some of you may know, last spring/summer/fall I started walking a LOT-brisk pace, in the


WIW this week (dresses!)

I had a lot of thougths prepared but not much time to post. So here goes. Warmer weather but still chilly in the mornings made for a mix of

Another oldie floral cardigan, white jeans

Lots of oldies here. Cardigan is the oldest. Originally thrifted. Kept because the lively rose print makes me happy, has blush in the print, fun


Last Day - Oldie's Challenge, my favourite oldie

Day 7 of the Oldie's Challenge and I had to wear my all time favourite oldie. Worn with a dress off to work.  Not very original, because it