WIW 3/22 : Spring Tweed Jacket

Hi All, I have two tweed jackets that I wear with pleasure. Inspired by Friday's post, I made a little different combinations than I usually


With enough butter, anything is good.

Yes, it's a Julia Child quote but I'm not making a sauce. I decided to pair butter yellow high waist pants with a mustard faux suede moto and

Loving These Soft Greens

Loving the greens that are out there this Spring, and I tend to like a blue undertone. This is a new cotton sweater from Nic and Zoe, and I think


WIW 3/14: Silver booties with a tonal purple outfit

This week I only went to the office once, as I was away on trip for most of it.  I had some fun replicating a J. Crew purple outfit from


WIW - slingbacks and trousers and stripes

It is almost spring so I’m inspired to not wear boots as I have every day this winter.


Spring Tweed

Feeling inspired to break out one of last year's best purchases, a Harris Tweed jacket by Walker Slater. This is serious tailoring by a serious

Styling my Cargo Skirt

Hello! Loved Angie’s posts on Cargo skirts and as it happens, I recently added one to my closet. So I thought I would share my two stylings so


Zippered tweed and wide legs

On my way to Vancouver for a few days. Wearing my version of today’s formula with zippered tweed, not as cropped as the example but fitted, and


A beige kind of day

I admire all of you who is able to continue putting together beautiful winter outfits. I’m so done! Didn’t even bother to style my hair! My


WIW…layers for spring?

The extended forecast predicts a big snowfall this weekend, but temps at/or above freezing for the next two weeks.  It was above

lots going on : 3.16.23

This outfit was put together rather hastily and in an unplanned manner for an all-staff dinner/guest speaker event at work last night.  The main


WIWx2 - the final two Dark Romance outfits

Here are the two final Dark Romance outfits, worn the first week of March.  I still have a couple of Dark Romance sets from January I am yet


White Boucle Moto Jacket Worn a Few Ways

I’ve been wearing my white boucle moto style jacket to few different events this Spring. It has some black flecks in the nubby weave.  


Tweed relic for current event

An old tweed sweater jacket which I used to wear often when working has remained in my closet for classic and warm and neutral color purposes.


Rare WIW

I rarely post photos lately, but I do wear stuff. Today I went to an awards program for the annual amateur exhibit at our county arts center. My


WIW - Play it again, Sam :)

Hello dear ones! Here is another outfit with the “unflattering” light-blue jeans. The fact is that I love these jeans - the color


Vanilla Girl

Here's my Vanilla Girl attempt. Definitely not perfect but I do like to wear lighter colors this time of year- if the weather cooperates. Wished

New Color Combination

I wanted to try forest green and light blue together. Even though a winter storm is brewing, this combination gives me spring weather vibes. This


WIWx9: Soft Greens

I had a bit of extended fun with this outfit formula for the past two weekends, as well as some off-duty occasions last week.  I did


WIW…a Pinterest copycat

A last minute decision to do a shopping trip to an upscale mall with DH resulted in an attempt at a Pinterest copycat outfit.  #1 is the

Team Wear!

This should make Irina happy- the silk blouse has already been worn :) It's first outing was to a networking event- paired with new to me leather

WIW 3/7: Front slit pants, with some questions

This week is the final week for my Dark Romance winter theme, so yesterday I decided to experiment a bit more than usual.    I have a


WIW: Sharp Shouldered & Suited

With lots of softness and a '70s flavour :) Colour inspiration is from a dear client who was inspired by Trinny Woodall! I wear my burgundy suit


February Purchases and Outfits

I know it's already practically mid-March, but I'm just getting to looking back at my February outfits and purchases. I already talked about the


WIW - March 9

Hello Fabbers! Here is what I am wearing today:black turtle tee, black cotton cardi, blue flared jeans, silver oxfords and the new light blue


WIW red tights

I saw this incongruous red tights trend highlighted in some recent fashion week street scenes so I decided to give it a whirl.


WIWs and thoughts of spring

#1 was today, to visit the Rosemont outlet mall. A Breton tee is the perfect solution to so many styling questions. Olive Anthro cords. The snake


WIW…chunky sweater two ways

Picked up a LRL 100% cotton chunky sweater for $10 during a thrifting run this summer.  So far 10 wears, maybe more, because I sometimes

Challenge #9: Uptown Downtown

This may be cheating since the sweater is new (to me, secondhand via TRR) and thus doesn't need to be reimagined. &.....roenza Schouler


Kintsugi for Drumming

First outing of the Mikah kintsugi top- worn to drum circle on a cold rainy night. Definitely happier with this outfit than most of what I've