WIWx3: dresses, with and without pants

Some recent dress outfits. 1-2: wearing this today.  It's cold again, and wet and rainy (ugh).  Allsaints freesia dress layered over


First wear of my new silver sneakers

These sneakers were a cheap impulse buy from the kid's shelves at Kmart. I tried the outfit in 1 first - didn't like it and settled for 2. Love


WIW: Week 5

Still hanging with this capsule until 21 June (at least for workdays... after-work and weekend wear is more flexible), so I'm in the home


WIW:Spring Pastels - Pink &White

This is easy spring pastels, only light pink and white. I wore this outfit yesterday and I like it. So simply, white kick flared ankle jeans,


WIW: Week 10 in Review

Well... Another week down... I was really stressed and emotional this week, and hormonal, so I defaulted to easy and comfortable (although if I

First WIW

Ok - no more standing in the shadows + lurking .... here is my first WIW!Navy blue + white gingham check linen shirt dress over navy blue coated


Wrap dress over jeans

DH loves to see me wear wrap dresses. Perhaps it's a hard look for me to pull off with my rectangular figure and small chest. The two options I

WIW: Outfit for a weird situation

Yesterday I asked for some advice about what to wear for an odd professional situation (meeting potential coworkers outside of an interview


WIW: Summer Uniform, Version 2.0

Beth Ann's comment about this look being my "summer uniform" inspired me to try different versions -- different enough to be completely distinct.


WIW - Navy top, chambray dress, black sneakers

#1 - Navy silk shirt, new necklace and grey jeans - Worn to work #2 - Chambray dress and flats - I wear this dress a lot and this is an outfit I


WIW to DD's Commencement

My trip to my daughter's commencement started with a free day in NYC, so of course I went to see the Rei Kawakubo exhibit. It is amazing! I can't


Autumn working week

The Perth weather has cooled down and we are now in our winter weather. I say that with a touch of caution, because Australian winters are very


NYC trip: What I brought/wore

Thanks everyone for all your recommendations for my anniversary trip to NYC! I followed your advice and took BOTH pairs of good sneakers (white

Ask Angie: How can I wear earrings when my ears are super senstive?

I have a bad allergic reaction to earrings if they aren't made of stainless steel. I react fine when I wear stainless steel earrings, but when I


WIWW: Lunch out!

It was 92F yesterday. So gross. The forecast today should be a little cooler, but it's already too hot for me (78 at 10:30). My husband and I are


WIW feeling meh ETA: pics, happy changeup

I wore this outfit to a dear friend's thesis defence (a 5-6 hour session). I wanted to look put together and subdued to hounor my friend and his

First WIW in 6 (!) Years

It appears I have taken an extended leave from posting WIW -- I looked back, and this my first WIW for over 6 years! I liked the outfit when I


WIW: monochrome hi-low layers

I think I was indirectly inspired by this morning's blog post on Eileen Fisher.  While this outfit is nothing like the one Angie talked


WIWI 5/19: Casual Pastel Pink & Blue

Dear Forum,I think this is the first WIW I am posting this year.  It is a very busy year, as I am looking for a job and also looking to move


Cold Spring EF Layers

Inspired by Angie's EF post, I layered some EF chocolate brown pieces. The brown are all thrifted or EBay and the bittersweet orange sweater is


WIW: striped dress

My Monday work outfit, no meetings - time for casual. In a still standing photo the coat looks quite matronly to my eye, but not so much when in


A Few WIW's

1) worn to school knox rose tank, sweater from Target, Old Navy jeans and gladiatir sandals 2) worn to kiddos dance show (which was fabulous!)

WIW: My take on the spring scarf

I don't like to wear heavy scarves in the spring and summer, so this silk one fit the bill! Thanks, Angie, for the styling idea! Feedback is

Casual Cold Spring Pastels

It is below freezing with lots on snow. Here is a "getting it real" version of Angie's Casual Pastel Pink and Blue Ensemble. I am using blush for


WIW: crazy for daisies

Celebrating some sunny weather with a floral print!  This outfit is almost entirely comprised of finds from a very successful recent

Casual Friday and weekend

Hi all, Some casual outfits to share. Pic 1: I bought these AG crop flares late last year in the end of US season sales. They are coated for a

WIW: Week 4

Week 4 (at least since I started taking pictures) from my spring capsule wardrobe.  I didn't make it into the office on Tuesday, so no


Chopped up vs. Not chopped up

I'm wearing leggings in public! Frankly, I'm not 100% sure this is my thing, but thought I'd try it anyway. My main question today is: Do you


Turquoise, pale neutrals, denim top, tie-dye

Here's some photos from last week.  My kids have only one more week of school but I'm still super busy.  Hopefully my schedule calms


Kind of today's ensemble....

As luck would have it I wore this combo two days ago, so thought I may as well share. A completely self made outfit of pink bomber, blue toned