Challenge outfit-boho lite and birds

Responding to Sal's challenge to create an at home outfit that gives me joy. I found this top last year in a consignment shop, of course, and

WIW: Yellow belted maxi dress (ETA face photos)

I wasn't quite sure where to post this, since I was originally going to just upload simple fit photos of this dress for @Mainelady, who was


WIW...weekend boho

Wearing a summer workhorse outfit for a stinkin’ hot day puttering around in the garden.  You may have seen this before!  Top - yest

WIW: Independence Day weekend

We went birding on the east shore of Tahoe late yesterday afternoon.  The picture was taken at about 6700 feet of elevation, and it was


Finding Unicorns

I have been on a roll lately, finding all the dresses on my unicorns list.  I don't know if I'm just getting really good at this or closet

What's wrong with boho? WIW

I am attaching a WIW of what I wore yesterday - before Angie's last post. Not a great picture (was not planning on posting) and yes, my pants


Jeans & Tee challenge

The stay at home orders have distilled my style down to its elemental core. And the jeans & tee challenge is the perfect illustration, no 3rd


Sal's denim and tee challenge

Outfits that spark joy just aren't in the cards right now. Office pup is cramping my style a bit--but totally worth it. Denim and/or tees are the

Sal's Challenge: Jeans & Sweaters Two Ways

Sal's Challenge intrigued me so I tried it substituting sweaters for tees. One of my goals this year was to add more sweaters to my wardrobe and


Tee Challenge Part 2: Edited to add More.

Thank you, Sal, for this challenge. To continue me wearing of short sleeved tees,: #1/2: :a navy with white striped tee with front tie with new



Beautiful and generous Janet helped me to get this skirt in record time!  I was between sizes and ordered up because I do have a bit of a


Dressing up to cheer up

This last week has been a tough one for me with the death of doggie Bijou and the first anniversary of my Father’s death. I felt down and more


At home outfit-the sequel

Frankly, I wanted to stay in pajama bottoms today, but I had to go to the bank, tax preparer, and pharmacy. Therefore, to have that pajama bottom

Boho Lite Added photos

I'm a big fan of summer boho dressing and recently added these Naot sandals to my wardrobe. They are super comfy and have been so useful for


WIW...Happy Canada Day!

Sadly, no parade and no fireworks this year - but, what a beautiful day! Understanding my love of celebrating this day, DH picked out a new red

WIW: Paskhos go out

I went ahead and wore the new Paskho pants out on necessary errands-adjusted the ankle snap to give a more tapered fit (how dressy !); was very

WIW to the salon and before and after hair pics.

 Once again I am putting my trust in my stylist.  After a clarifying treatment, she suggested we not cut my hair short. Not yet anyway.

Challenge: at-home outfit

Responding to Sal's at-home outfit challenge. I have been too lazy to take photos of recent outfits, though lately I've been deliberately

June WIW, wrap up and plans for the second half of 2020 (long )

Hi All, June has been a lovely but strange and stressful month for me.  It started with me turning 50 and while I had plans for a gathering


1940s Style

I usually go more for the 1950s-60s style with fitted waists and full skirts, but I really love everything Collectif carries, so I thought I

OOTD: Olive Inspiration

Olive is my favorite neutral and my latest purchase are these cropped paperbag waist pants by Treasure & Bond. I paired them with a

WIW grocery shopping is an occasion

This is the extent of my outings — a trip to Target, woohoo! ;-) I’m missing my good shoes, so I pulled out my Rag & Bone sandals to wear


WIW Textured topper

I'm a day late in posting this OOTD. The joggers from Veronica M are so comfy because there are days when zippers and buttons are a bit of

Oversized clothing

Who likes oversized clothing - yay or nay?

WIW-Back in the office

Hi All - it's been a while since I posted. I have been reading and following but it is harder to type on my IPad so now that I am back on my


Thank you, Carla

Dear YLF, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to thank Carla and show everyone the beautiful masks that she kindly sent me. They are beautiful and


What's Your Lockdown Fashion Statement?

Things were so very different before lockdown. I had a closet full of workwear, but staying three months at home changed the way I am getting


ISO's Really Do Come True

Finally!! I have finally found the Clowning Around Dress by Rock Steady.  I could only find it in a size that was two bigger than my own, so

Handmade Sundress

I've been making simple dresses for a few years.  This little strawberry dress was my first attempt with Simplicity Vintage 1950s

WIW 6/24 : Easy Trendy Classic - ETA Black Top With Pleated Hem

Hi All, After a few terrible rainy days, today is finally sunny and warm, kind of a summer day. My today outfit is inspired by this Angie’s