WIW Casual plus new hair

I went to get my hair cut today after years of keeping it super long. I’m sure this is still considered long by many, but it’s the shortest

WWW- out and about

Short WWW  that all took place last Friday. In the morning DH and I went to see DH's brother in Tel Aviv. I am wearing my vintage Margiela


Summer 30x30 #5

Hi all I’ve gotten a bit behind in posting my 30 x 30 outfits. These photos were taken over the last 3 weeks. There have been some reject

WIW to present

Presentation was this morning and went well. Here is the final outfit. I really liked the sparkly shoes - which, by the way, are super


ETA wiw:“soft summer” colours

Hello fabbers, I’ve always had a fascination with seasonal colour analysis, and I’m a believer :). However I often get very restless so I


Casual uniform

Lately if I’m going out somewhere casual and fun this has been my go-to. Moto jackets have been part of my wardrobe for a long time but they


WIW: Week Off from Work, Day 1

I know this is not your typical type of WIW angle, but the lighting and mirror at home is terrible, and doing this angled/weird selfie is my only


WIW: Dark and silver

I had to try a quick version of Angie’s ensemble so here are the results. I wore this with my pink/blush JCrew wool stadium coat because my


WIW to kick off vacation

The Friday before every school vacation is a super casual school spirit Pajama Day. The kids love it and I can get on board with it, although I

WIW: Winter capsule weeks 6-7 Ft. pencil skirt & sweatshirt, heart on sleeve

Covering two weeks of outfits from my deep winter capsule in one post. Warning: photo heavy! 1-3: navy skirt leggings, black long-sleeve tee,


Green and rose gold for the ballet

This week was the end of the ballet’s Swan Lake run, and I saw it twice with two casts (once with my mom and sister, once alone as I scored a


WIW - A shopping story

Yesterday, I had to go shopping. With a very clear objective : I needed a weatherproof horse riding winter jacket for a two day trail ride in the


30x30ish Week 7

At the end of week 7 I have 31 outfits using 32 pieces of clothing (excluding shoes and scarves and under layers for warmth). While I’ve used

Good coincidence WIW

Usually I check into YLF early in the day, but I didn’t get around to it till late morning. I was happy to find myself already wearing the


WIW: Inspired by Angie's black and blue

I'm really loving black and navy like together these days - it feels urban, sophisticated and sleek, which is how I want to feel these days. so


(30x30)x 2: 75%musings

Day 45.  And I've reached 60 items.  Not quite 30/30, but that's okay. I chose to do this challenge for 60 days, over my "Deep Winter",

WIW-the essential black turtleneck

There has always been a black turtleneck sweater in my closet, and often a navy and a grey one as well. It is an essential with a capital

wiw: funkytown

Hello gang, I seem to be learning so much from this forum, and continue to seek any advice or critique. With this outfit I wanted to be a little


WIW: Lunch at The Manatee Cafe

Mr. SF and I had a lovely lunch at The Manatee Cafe.  Thank you for the telling me about it lovely fabber. What I Wore:Mavi Denim

WIW: Brooch Bonanza

So Inge has really got me started on a Brooch binge here - I've worn one every day since her post! I find that they work with every outfit (I can


Wiw pink bomber is a hero

Hi guys! I wore this outfit for a day with the kids, running errands, about 20 Celsius. I’m gradually realising that this little pink bomber


WIW: new burgundy boots for a winter pick-me-up

Suz's post this morning reminded me that I never posted WIW photos with the new burgundy boots I got a few weeks ago.  You might remember


WIW: Guess which TV character... ETA clues

...which character from a popular TV show inspired this outfit? Please disregard the leggings and Birks, that was my Sunday lounging

WIW - Classics. Need for finishing touches?

The snow is melting, the weather is cold and damp and gloomy, and I'm short on outfit inspiration. I wanted to try a black, cinnamon


And... back to green hair :)

Seven hours at the salon! Back to green hair with a layer of yellow. Girl wanted to know if I was interested in muted colour... and I was all,

Some conservative wiw’s

Hello all, The last few days I have gravitated towards some more conservative outfits- probably because the summer holidays are over and it’s


Output to the Opera

Hello ladies I'm back after a few days last night I participated in a concert of classical music when I go to these evenings I like to rethink my

WIW: random early February outfits

So apparently my MO these days is just to post all my outfits at once every 2 weeks or so.  Anyway, here are a few random outfits from the


WIW (and outfit lab): Vince dress!

So, we had warmer than usual weather today and I decided to wear the Vince dress to work. I teach, and walk about 2 miles to get to the site, and


So, would you take me back?

Hi all, i got lost for quite a long time around here; although i am looking once in a while...Life was crazy: new position at work, more