WIW for a trial run to the recruiters office.

That title is an active attempt not to throttle a certain someone…. By the time I made it to the headhunters’ office, they had gone for the

WIW for my Birthday

https://www.gudrun.....ed-s I ordered this little kimono from the Gundrun Sjoden winter sale and it came yesterday. I love it and wanted to wear

WIW:Working in person

As 2022 starts, I have been tracking what I wear and how I feel wearing the outfit I chose. This has resulted in culling two items from my closet

WIW/WIB - To beat the January doldrums

Hi all, happy Saturday! We are in a deep freeze here, at about -22F, so it was nice that my cousin had her boutique grand opening so that I had


WIW 1/15 : Coat Column

Hi All, It has been frozen here for several days, and it is the same today, so the puffer is irreplaceable. This Angie’s post inspired me on


WIW: a happy color

Shopping with a friend yesterday, I came across a pullover on sale in a favorite wine shade. One of the few odd sizes left was perfect for me, so

WIW: Non Birthday Party :(

Not sure if this counts as off-topic or a WiW? Just feeling blue because I'm turning 30 next week, & had been looking forward to my birthday


Wallflower WIW

A belated happy new year to all. It's still deep winter here, and I'm enjoying wearing all my coats (own far to many of them). Here's a photo of


WIW -column of color sort of

I got this great jacket from Athleta and have been meaning to post, so today's coat column blog topic inspired me. I have had several


Word and color

Hi I'm Jaime the member formerly known as Shevia. When I first joined YLF's forum over 12 years ago, I still had the idea that one might have an


Starting 2022, reviewing 2021

Happy New Year (Belatedly) I have been mostly absent from the forum for three weeks due to summer vacation, I have read some posts and commented


WIW Easy like Sunday morning

A sunny Sunday is a most welcome respite from copious amounts of rain followed by snowfall and a deep freeze. My Sunday farmer's market and urban

Team wear :)

Well that didn't take long! 2 magpie pieces for a bitter cold day- the furry coat and the velvet kimono. I figure this counts for the complement

Cruise Packing for Disney (long)

Well, forget the travel capsule concept for us. OK, after 3 cancellations the 4th time the booking worked out, and we all went on the Disney


Quick little pin pics wiw 1.7.21

Yes , this photo was taken in our locker room at work - sorry not my towel so I couldn’t move it ;) . As I mentioned on the blog post today , I


WIW Snow Day Sweater dress

This dress has been very comfortable through the fall and winter, maybe a relative equivalent to a sweatshirt dress. I haven’t actually done


My Stint as a Ralph Lauren Model (time travel required)

Today I was sorting through some old stuff and found the visa photo I had taken in 1988 before my first trip to France (Paris).  Also today

A needed reset

I decided I needed to have a bit of a break during December with the stress of the holidays. I laid low and drastically cut my social media and

WIW…the 12th day of Christmas

Today is the last day of Christmastide, or Twelfth Night.  I like to draw the winter holiday out as long as possible but January 5th is the

WIWWWB (What I Wore With White Boots)

I’ve been having fun with my white boots—and not slowing down for fotos. Even though my feet aren’t always visible in the pix, so you have

Wearing my Sweatshirt Dress

I'm wfh today, and the weather is nice enough for bare legs. sweatshirt dress from Pact.

Should I get it out again?

This pic is from just before the pandemic. Should I pull the dress out and start wearing it again?

Happy New Year! A Study in Silver and Blue

I was inspired by yesterday's weather -- a rare clear, bright, snowy day on the west coast! And today, I have an outing. Very tiny (6). In a


Happy New Year!

What I wore to welcome in the New Year. We had a quiet dinner at home with my best friend and her husband and son. Great company and food made


What I wore

What I wore on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to a few close friends.I wore new jeans from All Saints a new jacket from BA &SH and new

Wrapping up 2021

I bought a wrap skirt (somewhat impulsively) at a pop up store near my local supermarket. It’s a Fair Trade store that sells items made by

WIW - my last purchase of 2021

Not nearly as fun as Janet's last purchase of the year, but inspired by her post, I thought I'd style my last purchase! This was a 'just because'


WIW New Year’s Eve

Excuse the bad photo with messy background. We went to a local (small) dinner theater with another couple. Our tickets were held over from last


Some holiday WIWs and good wishes to you all

A few random outfits from the week of Christmas. I’m trying to wear some of my items and outfits I would have worn in NYC if we hadn’t had to


Saying hello and a HEWI acquired!

I haven’t been on the forum much these last few months, but I wanted to pop in and say hello and happy new year! Also wanted to drop a