WIW Easter

Outfit 1 for church, then second outfit for taking ham, potatoes and sugar snap peas to my elderly in-laws’ for family dinner. It’s


WIW: Casual Easter

I wore this outfit today to church today. Missoni poncho, dark wash jeans, navy 3/4 sleeve top, Dansko clog sandals (dyed with Tarrago shoe

WWW -Happy Passover or Easter or Spring

A quick happy holidays and seasonal family shot. I ended up wearing a non-optimal outfit as I had to assists DDs mid-outfit development. Later I


WIW...colour, texture, pattern, shine!

I just knew I had to copy-cat the second outfit from Shevia's post - https://youlookfa..... LOVED the colour combination of millineal pink top

Spring Transition WIW and Draping!

April's post gave me a good chuckle this morning. I'm all about the drape--so much so that I had to share my draped, cowl neck dress. I feel very

WIW to NY with my sister

Here are a few pictures of DTwin and I from our trip. We had an amazing time! The Rothys and mesh sneakers lived up to my expectations. The food

WIW - white jeans, coral blazer, pattern mixing

We're having typical spring weather where it's 70 degrees and sunny one day and then 50 degrees and raining the next. #1 - My favorite scarf with

Wiw for work transitional season

Hi everyone As I’m trying to improve my outfits one at a time, I’d like to show you what I wore this week. I’m getting better at detecting

Maggy London high-low dress

I’ve had quite a few dressy opportunities back to back, this one for a concert, and decided to break out the Maggy London dress from 2018’s


WIW: Jumpsuit and Boden Dress

Two quick outfits. #1 is my Eileen Fisher wrap jumpsuit. I wear it casually for work-at-home studio days—my new “uniform” solution. Up


WIW recently

Would you like to see some of my recent outfits? The photo quality is awful, but I rarely get to take pictures let alone post them, so I thought


WIW: white pants:a saga

Wore white jeans today and it was like one disaster after another! First, my husband’s shoe sole brushed my calf and left a black mark. Later,

Angie’s Challenge WIW & WIWW again

I really enjoyed this challenge, because it made me very mindful, getting dressed this week, to “dress my truth”, as it were. Generally when

WIW Structure vs. boho?

I have found a new way to take pictures of my outfits that seems a bit less blurry (although still sufficiently blurry I hope :) ).  Anyway


WIW: American Southwest road trip

We just got back from a 13 day, 4100 mile road trip through the American Southwest. The weather forecasts were from 25 to 88. Actuals temps


Why my comfort shoes don't mean a thing if they ain't got that (DIY) bling

Hi YLFers -- With all the comfort shoe / foot-shoe issue posts lately, wanted to share one of my coping strategies: shifting the color of shoes


WIW...for a day on the road

Off to check on Mom and make sure all is well. Today is sunny, but it may rain during my stay. Built my travel capsule around the new-to-me

Does this work: preppy and ‘tough’?

Felt pretty good in this. Wondering if it looks ok, or a bit ‘kooky’ because of the combination of leather jacket and preppy underlayers. I


Same skirt, 2nd verse. A little bit louder, a little bit....

....worse? That’s the way the song goes; I hope it’s not true for the skirt! What do you think? The patterns I have on include floral

WIW...scarf experiment part 2

Last year I added a large silk scarf to my accessories collection as an experiment. https://youlookfa.....ment I was so happy with the silk scarf

Red on red

Preparing to go to the ballet. First wear of this beautiful crepe Universal Standard dress picked up at a ridiculously good discount last weekend


WIW: Cropped flare jeans

As I read Angie's post this morning, Team Cropped or Team Full-Length Pants, I had to chuckle, because I'm wearing cropped flare jeans today, as

WIW spring (long)

Wow—it’s been 4 months since I posted a photo—and 4 months since I went shopping in a B&M store. Last year I wanted to add a lot


WiW: not my usual colors

The top (American Eagle last spring) is not my colors, yellow/gold. But I'm feeling it and not sure why! I stopped dying my hair over a year ago,


Early Autumnal dressing WIW

Hi All It is early autumn here - last week it was still hot (for us- 25 degrees C with nights in the teens) - this week cold overnight but warm


Dark Passage

Hi all “Dark Passage” is my third theme for 2019. As the title suggests, it’s about taking a trip to the dark side. But this theme is about

WIW - weekend casual, midi skirt, navy

It was in the low 80's on Tuesday and then dropped 30 degrees yesterday.  So cold and windy!   #1 - Weekend casual outfit #2 -

Another WIW

Another quick WIW for today's errands. Excuse the hair in pic #1. I must confess I ALMOST left the house like that, before remembering that I


Snakeskin skirt for “sprummer”

Timely to see Inge’s blogger outfit post today — yesterday I wore my snakeskin print skirt for the first time. Our temps here hit 82


WIW...these are my spring coats!

Hope I'm not jinxing things, but I sent the red puffer for time out in the laundry room, and the other winter coats to the basement closet two