Blue Monday and a Shot in the Arm

I didn’t get full outfit photos but celebrating Monday with a mostly blue outfit to go get my first Covid vaccine shot! Madewell French blue


Soft skirt flow

Hi all I have a new skirt. It’s by Brunello Cucinelli. This is an expensive brand but it was one of those last-one-available,

WiWs: LOTS of Denim Skirt Action

It's finally mild enough to wear my new G-Star denim skirt, and I LOVE IT!  It's the best denim skirt I've ever had, and I've had many.


WIW : Bold Colourful Plaid

I wore this dress a week or so back and thought I really had to share it here because I know how much Angie loves colour! Colour does not excite


Wide leg pants, knots and style transition

Angie’s posts this week have really hit a chord with me as I consider how to transition my dressy work wardrobe to meet my working from home


WIW: Same Old, But Also...

I think I’ve worn this dress a minimum of once a week since I got it, but...I got new sandals! This pair from Bed Stu was just different enough


Epic Fail turned around.

Nothing like a boost of positive feedback from YLF family and a 4 year old preschooler. Donna I love your dress it’s SOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!!! It

WIW for Springy Weather

Hi all, hope everyone’s having a good week so far! Here’s a few recent WIW: 1 & 2: Wore this for distanced, masked hangouts with my

WIW snakeskin leggings

Taking my Dad to some medical appointments Hence super stylish hospital restroom selfie with obligatory sharps disposal Also new hair colors as

WIW Spring Soft Skirt Rendition

Hello All! Here is my rendition of the soft skirt formula for spring weather. WIW: Ana skirt Blue tank top Time and Tru cardigan Vans sneaks All


K/A Summer Dress and jacket

I'm wearing a dress-over-jeans today, and remembered that I've been debating for a couple of years now on whether to alter the dress into a top.


Battle of the jeans. (They both lost.) 4.6.21

First up, the wide leg Jag jeans from a couple of summers ago.  I probably have worn them 3 times.  I do not understand wide leg jeans on my


WIW... in My Hair

My hair hit a milestone of sorts back in March. Suddenly I was struggling to put it up all the way; even my big claw clippie couldn’t hold


WIW: You were right!

Hi Fabbers, Thanks for all your feedback on my previous post re: chino joggers. On your comments, i decided to order a size down (to reduce the


WIW - a fine vintage (and a quick whinge)

Hi friends, just sharing my fun sweatshirt which I bought from a local business. Is it black? Is it just mainly a plain sweatshirt? Is there not


WIW 4/5 : Midi skirt flow X2

Hi All, I have two midi skirts which unfortunately I didn't wear last year because of Covid 19.  I was mostly at home and my life changed


What I wore 4/5/2021

It is getting warm here. It was 82 today and suppose to 90 tomorrow and 99 on Thursday. I chose older items for today with my new pearls. I had a


WIW: Apron Skirt

Happy Weekend! I have developed a love of the Apron as a fashion item and have collected a couple.  I have a lovely Tulle one that I have shared


New blue coat, hoodie and easter colours . wiw 4.4.21

Thanks to Neelie for finding and suggesting this great little powder blue coat from Simon's in Canada !  I ordered it a few days ago - such


PACO RABANNE outfit inspiration

Hi friends, sometimes I like to recreate outfits that I see on a runway or magazine ads, etc.  This one is from 2020 Paco Rabanne. 


WIW: transitioning to spring

A few outfits from the past two weeks as we transition to warmer weather - nothing too special or outstanding, except that I liked them enough to


WIW...April 5

As a card carrying member of Team Wear, it has been very hard to have new things (S/S additions) in my closet that aren’t seasonally

WIW: dog edition (for Inge and JAileen)

As much as I love my new clogs, I'm all about dogs. Here's our foster fail going on 7 years last weekend at the beach. The director of the rescue

WIW Easter Saturday

Happy Spring everyone! I celebrated Easter with family on Saturday due to schedules. WIW: Diamond’s dress Brown hat Brown belt Gray tights


WIW - denim skirt again

You are probably bored of seeing my new denim skirt, but this is my first real outfit with it that I wore outside of home. Hoodie is from my


WIW - FEMA Fashion

Hello, lovely YLFers! I have not been around here in some time. Am currently in need of some wardrobe inspiration as, like many of you, I


WIWW and WIW 4/2 : My Version of Roomy Shirts

Hi All, I’m not a fan of shirts, but I have a few that I wear occasionally.  Angie’s post from last Friday inspired me to try some of


my jackets, docs and WiW

These are 3 days worth of what I wore to work.  1.  straight leg jeans, blouse which is too big but I semi tucked it.  Jacket


WIW - olive & military

A quick WIW with a new piece (olive chinos with subtle leopard print side stripe), a piece that was new a year ago but didn’t get worn until


WIW: Linen Love

I wore linen in the 90’s, and it’s only been in the past few years that my love for linen has been reignited. We have some lovely labels here