WIW (briefly)- not so quiet

I have one quiet plaid pair of pants and one bermuda shorts that is more of a loud plaid. #1 Trying outfit formula 3 - I even dug out my


WIW: coronapocalypse, day 18

Really, what I wore was no different from any other work outfit for the last year and a half. Black pants, black shoes, black base layer... (pics

WIW...another disco collar experiment

This time I wore the shirt under a sweater, with the collar buttoned up.  When I first styled the shirt with sweaters, the profile of the

Sunday bracelet

Here we are again. I'd planned on wearing a bracelet Mr. Maven bought a few years ago--he loves it. I like it, but it seems too dressy for my


I workout at 5.30am ish and wear yoga clothes. After that I shower and wear my outfit for the day. I change into lounge clothes after supper. So


WIW for the last party I attended...

Worn for an outside baby shower. Could not happen now. This dress is 8 years old and only brought out when I'm feeling body confident. Shoes


Harajuku at home

I decided that since today’s big adventure was to go grocery shopping I would wear my new Hello Kitty Docs. They are some seriously sturdy


WIW- BR cropped sweater and slip skirt

Dear YLF, Just a quick post in the morning before what will be a long day of meetings. Inspired by Angie's outfit post yesterday I decided to


It's amethyst bracelet Saturday!

We bought this bracelet at a store that sells estate jewelry. About 5 years ago we stopped in and found this amethyst bracelet with great


WIWish- channeling Angie

So I am about 80% through my massive closet try on/clear out and have been thinking about a fun self-challenge to fill up that time slot. I


What I "wore" of the roses (which pink for me?) updated with my pick in comments)

Hi friends! Inspired by Angie's OOTD, I decided I was in a pink mood today! It struck me that social distancing time is a perfect time for me to

#OOTD: Neutrally Neon

This is what I'm wearing today. At home. With nowhere to go apart from take Sam on his daily walks. Will go grocery shopping next week. It's our


OOTD: Split Tie-Dye and other notables

Hello Fabbers!  I hope everyone is feeling well and finding ways to overcome cabin fever and boredom.   We have been busy


WIW - level 1, 2 & 3 and falling fast!

I am now working from home and given I am constantly wearing my sneakers suspect I am a level 3 home dresser that is in denial and is a wannabe


Friday bracelet blahs

Wearing what I think is my second DY item--can't remember when--but I've worn this chain bracelet a lot. Couldn't find the bangle I wanted to


Trying to look presentable rather than reaching for my sweats.

Well, if I’m honest, I have been wearing my sweats and a T-shirt or a sweatshirt in the early evening. Here is a new jumpsuit I got from


#OOTD: Bubblegum Checks & Dynasty

This is me today. At home in Seattle with my boys. Working, cooking, cleaning, catching up with friends everywhere from my phone, watching tele,


WIW: love you Boden!

Quarantine chic...wait, I have to clean today! No on camera meetings, lots of laundry and straightening up. Hair: Rough pony Makeup: nope

A little spring warmth

It is time for some brighter colors because I'm getting weary of the winter clothes. This thrifted sweater is perfect because I'm warm but not

Thursday bracelet

Back again with another DY bracelet. Some of you may remember that you've seen it before--back in 2014 when I wore it to g-son's wedding. I


More spring colors

Love orange and olive together. Had to wear the flower earrings too. The sneakers are Gap-suede with glittery laces.

Wed Bracelets/w view

Slow getting going and hope this isn't too boring: Wearing 2 DY bangles and bracelet, plus a very skinny Marco Bicego that has a difficult clasp,


Cherry Blossoms

Got out late afternoon on Saturday with the intention of looking at the cherry blossoms from the car. There was a lot of traffic doing just that,


WiW: day before lockdown

We head into lockdown tomorrow. Lots to do to prepare our business for this stage. We are mostly working from home but some of our business is


1st week almost done

I just wish I had a better idea how many more it will take.  I was planning on going out and doing a little gardening--pruning some and


WIW — level 2? Wearing real pants. And indoor mocs.

I just returned to the US from Spain last Friday and I was directed to self quarantine. I would have been social distancing anyway, even if I


Bracelet week Tues

Joy mentioned on my coral pendant post that I'd look good in coral--I do have 1 coral top at present, a J Crew roll neck sweater bought last


My Quarantine Outfit Today (3/24)

Hi, I’ve been staying at home like most people around the world. A few days ago it was beautiful weather, sunny and warm, daily temperature was


WIW...for an urban ramble

DH took me out for an urban ramble.  Unfortunately our favourite coffee place - Queenie’s - is closed up, so no break!  We spotted

WIW-Day 2 of Captivity in the Condo

Now that I'm WFH, I'm finding that it's very easy to slide down the slippery slope of sloblivion and pajamification. Today, the best I can do is