WIW: Summer Mix and Match

This summer has been mostly about the dresses and skirts for me. Here’s a random selection of what I’ve been wearing. Lots of the same items


WIW 7/19 maxi dress for a bday party

I went to a friend’s 50th birthday party last night — just a casual drinks and bbq thing, but it was fun. The weather was perfect — as the


A column of white for chilly to quite warm.

Today I am out early, while the temps are still in the 60s. I will be doing multiple errands and some legwork for a project DH and I are about to

Interview outfit

Hi guys, Just wanted to share today’s interview outfit. I felt like a million bucks. Thanks for looking!


WIW: To a Ukelele Concert

We went to an outdoor Jake Shimabukuro ukulele concert last night. He is an extreme virtuoso, and also fun to watch and hear. His encore was


WIW to beat the heat .

Today is hot, humid and will require the lightest of layers. I chose this dress to give me a good chance of staying comfortable. The morning

Last-summer's dresses work for me. wiw 7/17

I've been enjoying all of the "summer of the dress" posts here and on the blog, but.....the fitted waist, longer length pretty retro silhouette


This is why you should always look down

Today I wore my tonal red outfit with red shoes, pants and top and two light gray sweaters for the arctic AC. I thought I had a good outfit. I


WIW Pink + Red

I’ve been on a bit of a pink and red kick this summer. I had a little lilac in the mix today as well, but unfortunately not in the photo.


7th Annual Ge'le Day..

Hey Family! By now you might asking yourself. What is a Ge'Le Day? Am I right or did I pique your interest? Official Definition at the bottom. So

WIW - Weekend outfits - heels, cold-shoulder, skort

Here are some weekend outfits. #1 - Casual Friday at work #2/3 - Date night with DH - had drinks with some friends and then went dancing.  I


WIW 7/16: My Summer Column of White

Hi all, After almost two week raining every day, crazy July this year, finally some sunny days. I love white for summer, my favorite color and


Project dark romance: lucky last

Hi all This will be the last instalment of project dark romance. I am going on holidays shortly and by the time I come back winter will be almost

A Rare Summer WIW!!

I'll admit I haven't spent much time wearing "real clothes" this summer -- I've been outside too much, either hiking, canoeing, swimming, or

A couple of WIW, with a new outfit

I haven’t been posting much because honestly, my summer uniforms have been shorts + top + sandals or dress + sandals. Really casual, really


WIW...bringing out the pink!

...or alternatively NOT blue! Blue makes up 50%+ of my closet. Outfits with those colours are easy peasy, so I challenged myself to wear outfits

WIW - Popovers

These light tops are some of my summertime favorites. I have a pretty good collection of them, as well as light button-ups, but I always reach

Art festival goer garb WIW

What I wore to local art festival today. Changed to this top from a white with blue and yellow logo print volunteer T-shirt after my volunteer


OOTD Staying cool in the UK heatwave - Culottes, Tattooed Mermaids & Glitter hearts

Sweltering in the heat! I' ve just tried a new style box subscription service called Lookiero and they sent these fab trousers - totally my

WIW: For a heat wave

It’s been ungodly hot here, hovering around 100 for the past week. We’ve had some humidity, too, with a thunderstorm last night, and a short


WIW: Flip flop alternative

My new favorite summer sandal. Birkenstock EVA Arizona: light weight, no break-in time. Supportive . "Birkencrocs"

WIW 05.03 [another duster & separates]

Yesterday I thought I'd try another version of duster+culottes for some unseasonably warm weather. My initial purchasing thought for this


Hup 2,3,4...

Hey Family!!! Long time no post. Well just wanted you to know that we are still here still growing as Toddler & Mid Life Melanin MaMa.

Very old blouses

Remember way back in 2011-2012 when I was flummoxed by voluminous blouses? These were really among the first that entered my wardrobe. I wore


Adapting work pants for casual wear?

Hello guys! I sometimes wonder whether anyone tries to make their tailored work pants do double-duty as casual pants? I couldn’t even find


WIW: Summer “Team Wear” challenge week 1

I am joining Roxanna in her “team wear” challenge to wear the heck out of our existing wardrobes this summer. To recap, the rules that I


WIW and to hem or not—new pic

A casual Thursday WIW. Broke out the cream oxfords. Mr. KG isn’t very fond of these—perhaps too high contrast with the dark jeans but I like

WIW 07.06 [Toffee and Light Blue (and white, black, taupe...)]

I looove the color combos Angie showed in her formula post this morning! Especially with white added in. This is an easier formula to pull


WIW 07.12,13 [layered dresses for variable temps]

Yesterday and today I needed outfits that would be warm enough for coooooold hospital/clinic appointments*, but then easily made cooler for work


My S/S Wild Cards - that I wore in Japan

My summer wild cards were playsuits. Not something I had ever worn and not really on my radar until I found the orange one, and it quickly became