A couple of recent outfits: wiw 9/22 and 9/24.

In the spirit of trying to wear all of my clothes, and not just my favourites or what is easiest, these two looks made an appearance this week.


WIW- lunch with Minister of Finance

Thanks all for your help last week with my dressing dilemma. On Saturday I took a visit to two local boutiques ( one with new clothing and one


WIW: Early Fall Vests

Inspired by Angie’s Friday ensemble post but dealing with warm weather, I decided to show you 3 warm weather vest outfits. The first ( #1/2)


OOTD: Sporty Luxe Sherlock

Autumn is here. It's raining and cooler in Seattle. YAY!!! NO MORE WILD FIRES AND UNHEALTHY AIR. I am feeling non-neutrals, colour-mixing, and


WIW...flowers for ‘Mother’

Earlier this year I added a pair of ‘Mother’ cropped trousers to my closet.  I wore them twice, and then hot summer started and only

WIW - cooler weather and real clothes

Third day in a row of having to leave the house, cooler weather, and actual outfits! I’m loving being able to wear jeans again. Just going in


Fall weather sparking a bit more enthusiasm for dressing

I’ve never been crazy about summer dressing, so the arrival of more fall-like temps always comes as a relief and helps invigorate me a bit. I


Fall colors

Nothing exceptional here, just some colors that I don't often wear. I was inspired to pair this Madewell jacket with burgundy when I got a new


Some new stuff - update on clothes storage in Comments

Hi everyone,I figured I haven't done a WIW in a while. I was mostly wearing loose dresses for August, or shorts and tank tops. Here's a few

WIW as fall approaches, purchase report

You probably won’t remember that some months back, I asked for help finding jeans to replace some oldies which had straight legs. I tried the


On the Subject of Hints of Fall

I love today's post and picks for fall. That Boden sweater is my favorite.  And, while we're on the subject, I thought I'd post my favorite

New '70s Dress: Missoni my Way

Missoni my way means = Sustainable, ethical, more affordable, and beautifully made the Boden way :) I LOVE THIS DRESS. I can't stop prancing


Thanks for the inspiration, Janet!

I don't know why I didn't think about replacing the strap on my RM bag before. The chain strap that came with it annoys me to no end. After

WIW - A few recent

Hi friends, just a quick post to share a few recent outfits - I'm enjoying getting dressed lately; perhaps it's the shift in temperatures, so I'm

WIW: matching set

God knows I love a matching set. I don’t think this look is particularly trendy, but it was a recent purchase in the summer sales and I’ve


Work Clothes Again

Hello, stylish ones. I have a few outfits to post. I am also enjoying the outfits you post and find them inspiring, so thank you. I am at the

Stomping into Spring

Winter is over here and we’ve already had a few days in the mid to high 20s (80f+). These are some end of Winter and early Spring outfits.


The most recent ‘Links Love’ compiled by Inge highlighted some articles on the sustainability of thrifting and styling pre-loved items.

The new (slightly less) Magic Dress

I posted a link to this dress a while back because it reminds me of the Nine West "Magic Dress" that we all had some years ago (I still have and


WIW - it's easy being green

Quick WIW on my way to run some errands ... I am feeling the cool greens for fall so I chanced this green long cardi from Canadian retailer

Wiw, my crazy cherry-inspired outfit.

I got an email today from Le Tote which mentioned a cherry-inspired look. I was disappointed when I clicked it open and the outfit was simple


WIW - is this disaster as my family thinks

I was running late this morning and I put this outfit on that was probably better in my head. Reactions from my DD and DH were not very


WIW Monday and Tuesday: Same outfit, different colors

Different day, same sweater knit skirt and top! It's comfy and for some reason I get a kick out of repeating almost-the-same outfit on successive



Hello, all -- I'm scarce here these days due to the apocalypse and some  family stresses, plus, it's hard to post photos with no full length


Retirement uniform: just to irritate my husband.

R:  You're not going to be wearing that everyday now , are you? L:  Yes, because you said that, I plan to.   t:  "vintage"


WIW...inspired by lisa p!

Temps have dipped this week!  From 30degC to 20degC, and the long term forecast is more of the same.  I now live in a 4 season climate,

Hello! And a couple of WIWs

Hello all! It’s been a crazy up and down summer and I haven’t been on the forum much - or dressing up, truthfully. Though as Angie said, when


WIW: Tale of a sale on sale

Quarantine has made me a bit reckless. I've always wanted a two piece dress--not sure this is what I had in mind initially but it does make me

WIW on my anniversary plus a few others

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary so I am celebrating by wearing an outfit that is kind of a tribute to my peacock-themed wedding! Who


WIW When nothing feels comfortable

Seattle has been very warm over the past few days and shorts were not going to be the solution. Only a midi dress will work for me on hot days.