Boxy silk jacket over shift dress

I 'm posting this early for my 30x30 WIWs because the jacket reminds me of Angie's blog post today, although not a kimono. Yesterday I wore an


Maternity leave is over: It's the Eye of the Tiger...

Well know i know what you are saying. Well Le Donna Has it all wrong. She and baby nugget are wearing leopard print. Hahaha You would be correct.

A dark floral collection

I don't generally get to participate in the Friday ensemble because it's out of season for me. But this is one I could hardly resist! So, I

WIW 6/26: My dark summer floral

I love floral and have dark and white floral blouses and a dark floral pants. Here are same of outfits with dark floral. 1. Black floral pants,


Weekend WIW: 6/23 + 6/25

Like others, I spent most of the the weekend in gear -- Patagonia Baggies and an old merino tee. But I did pull together an outfit from my 30x30

Random WIWs

Just some stuff I've worn recently. Number 11 was taken with my daughter at her bridal shower last weekend. She got the dress from Rent the


WIW - including a kimono!

Not sure how to reference Angie's post from my phone, but I was planning to wear a kimono this week, and her post got me to do it today! Kimono

WIW 6-25-2017

I am trying to get myself back on track fashion wise. I am going to try and post a WIW once a week. I wore this outfit to church today Blouse a


WIW black skirt and white blouse

Dear Fabbers, greatly encouraged by your recent lovely comments on a work outfit, here is another. I really like the blouse cuffs - it feels good


Shorts & florals

I have one floral item in my wardrobe, it's an old vintage Cacharel Liberty shirt. I was wearing it today #6. I'm more into geometric stuff

Week One: 30x30 and a week of pics

Thanks Sterling for arranging the challenge!! My rules are: The 30 includes clothes, bags and footwear I am excluding exercise gear worn at the



Week 1 of my 30x30.. there are some outfits I've repeated recently, since a lot of items from my spring capsule got carried over. I still like


WIW 6/23: Dark Summer Floral for the last day of the old job

Here is the outfit I wore yesterday, based on the Dark Floral ensemble post.  It consists od Zara floral wrap blouse worn over blush cami


WIW-30x30- week 1

Well, I'm squeezing a lot out of this 30x30 challenge, although I'm also playing fast and loose with the 30 items! Only counting clothing - no

WIW 6/19 - 6/22 (30x30)

I'll be away Fri - Sun and not sure I'll be able to post again til next week. Here's four days' worth of capsule dressing. 1 - Gingham top and

WIW Shorts For Angie

Hi, Angie recently asked about shorts recommendations in this thread.  Personally, I'm not a huge fan of shorts.  I often run cold and


30x30, week 1

Since I'm just doing this challenge for my work week, I will post today... I am off so have some time.  I posted about my version of the

30x30: outfits so far this week

So far I have stuck to the items pulled for this challenge. 1-2: Monday. 1 is for the Botanic Gardens and 2 for an evening meeting. I did not


WIW Summer Layers

Hi, We had a really cold and rainy spring, so it's really nice to finally get to wear some warm weather clothing.  If you are scratching


Stripes Sunday

Hi, for no particular reason, here's my collection of Spring Summer stripes. Only six tops...very reasonable no ;) There's a Fall Winter

Embroidery: something old, something new

I know that embroidery is (surprisingly!) polarising but I have always liked it. I think I have a folk streak. But my urban side generally beats

WIW - Casual dress, denim skirt, palm print dress

It's been super hot here so I've been mostly wearing dresses and skirts.  Temps have been in the 100's all week, which is not normal.


What we Wore...

In Living Color This is what Ive been working on lately. Colorization of past what we wore fits. Im currently workin On putting a baby book

WIW: lots of summer outfits

Here are a whole bunch of summer outfits from the last few weeks, including a bunch of very hot days.  I have to admit on hot/humid days


WIW: White Chinos, Light sky blue and Citron

This Angie’s post inspired me for today’s casual outfit. All  items are old but in this way I get one more new outfit. White chinos, as I


2 questions on today's outfit with ETA

1) tucked or not? 2) Necklace or not? I'm at work already, so I can't wear something else!  I could take the cami under the top off, which I


Matching My DD

Hi Fabbers!  It's been awhile...I've been lurking in the shadows, but know that I always read the forum and blog.  I am tickled that DD


WIW Today at Work Culottes and Boden top

Dear Fabbers, it has been a long time since I posted, but I have been lurking and commenting when able. It is stunningly hot in London (for me at


Let's Go...

To Church This was our look for sunday. It was about 98 in the shade. So I wanted us in Easy Breezy fits. My fit consisted of a denim brown

My "Mary Quant" (inspired) daisy skirt

Hi, I've spent a lot of time on the forum today ( Saturday) while also doing washing, taking a walk to the clothing bin, driving my son and his