There and back

This might be the most boring vacation post ever. We went to Brooklyn, Passaic, Far Rockaway, Chicago, Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale over the course


WIW: Give me all the colour

Hello all! I’ve been creeping in the forum a bit, but haven’t been posting much due to some major life changes. We bought and moved into our


“Looks like you’ve got some pattern mixing going on there”

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my quirky clothes storage (in brief, my hanging clothes are located in the office closet on the ground floor


WIW…thrifted linen trousers

I love these linen trousers and have been wearing them a lot.  The quality of the material is better than any other linen in

WIW Xmas wine & WIB pink!

Hope all who celebrate had a Merry Christmas. Christmas is not my holiday, but I usually travel to visit family anyway, of course that did not


Some WIW incl a crop top and kinda metallic

I think this jacket gives a bit of a metallic vibe. Also showing what the crop top looks like without jacket. And speaking of workwear and


Blackened tan

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m attracted to “blackened” items. Items with an overlay, tinge or patina of black. I’m looking for

WIW…cropped top

Interesting that today’s blog post is about cropped tops, since I struggle with shorter tops, don’t reach for the one(s) I have much - but

WIW for a casual dinner out

Tonight we enjoyed a very rare dinner out with friends at a local casual dining spot. Weather was perfect for dining on the patio — not hot,


Summer Simplicity #3 (Update: variation with jeans at end)

I liked the Sanctuary shirt jacket from Angie’s Friday post so much that I ordered it that day! It arrived this afternoon, so here’s my


My sock(s) experiments...

A couple of weeks ago I decided to experiment with socks.  https://youlookfa.....ocks I added two longer pairs of sports socks and had fun


WIW 8/7 : Summer Simplicity, no 2 and no 4 - ETA with Jeans

Hi All, These looks really inspired me to wear simple and neutral these hot few days. The white long shirt is old, but it was forgotten for the


WIW…to beat the ‘heat event’

Southern Ontario is experiencing temperatures in the 30degC range with high humidity making it feel like 40degC.  I think that’s over

Going deep into Spring

It’s not Spring here yet but we had an unseasonably warm Winter’s day yesterday. I went shopping and (out!) to lunch with my mum. Because it

Update: Longer Hair & WiW

It's been 9 months of VERY slow hair growth from platinum blonde super short pixie, to longer hair in my natural darker blonde. I have no grey


Oldies also for a casual dinner out ;) 8.6.22

Gee, we've now been out twice this summer!  Two more times than last year, I think.   Social occasions have taken a back seat for the past few


Blue kind of day

I find this electric blue skirt a bit challenging in terms of pairing it with a topper. For date night this evening I matched it up with a cream

My Summer Uniform

Hi all! Just popping in to say hi. It’s been FOREVER! I’m staying cool and surviving the heat wave by living in dresses and sneakers. I’ve


Rhapsody in blue….

apologies to Gershwin! This is my going to pick up boxwood from Sheridan nurseries outfit.Practical denim for the win! Especially given my

My $10 (today) Old Navy dress

We are headed to Virginia Beach to see our son who is in the Coast Guard. He’s been in some really tough training this summer and this is our


Orange you glad

I have been on the lookout for orange shoes for a long time. Fortunately, I was able to find some Kate Spade loafers in a tangy tangerine shade.

WIW 8/3 : Desigual Dresses - ETA with a White shoes and Denim jacket

Hi All, I don’t have a holding zone in my closet, but my daughter does. She passed on me two dresses because she can’t wear them anymore. I'm


WIW New Forest Green Skirt: Summer Version

Here’s the second skirt I purchased at NAS. It has been described as a tube skirt and a pencil skirt and a pointe midi skirt. Any


Jade green and Emerald

I am obsessed with versions of green this summer: jade, emerald, teal, aqua so had to share what I wore yesterday: white flares with emerald tank


WIW 7/29 : Soft Wide Summer Pants

Hi, I’ve been wanting to try wide leg soft pants for a while and thought they would be the perfect comfortable addition to my summer


Things that take a while to come into their added info on Ripskirt

In a recent thread (can't remember which one now, sorry!) Sal (I think!) mentioned that some clothing items do take time to come into their own


Show Me Your Wardrobe-Animal-Anything! (Blouse Pics)

I got the L'Agence giraffe and zebra citron blouse on my birthday a few weeks ago, and wore it RIGHT AWAY. Here are pics that hubs Greg took on


Patina & texture

I have a list of style “mood” aspirations that I consult from time to time to help me with outfit creation and purchasing decisions. One of

You're craziest outfit that you dreamed up?

It could be when you were a teen or in your 20's etc. I'm thinking of all those insane trends such as Goth or Emo or Scene or further back than


WIW - some summer outfits

When I look at my summer wardrobe, I see so much color that it makes me pause. You know, minimalist’s struggles :)It happens every year and at