Seattle recap

I recently traveled to Seattle for a conference - I wasn't presenting and my industry is not particularly formal so I just stuck to business

WIW...burgundy and champagne

Mostly trying to keep warm as the weather hovers around 0 deg. #1 velour burgundy cowl neck - Winners Black cuffed cropped trousers - Reitmans

WIW Greens For Fall

Hi, Here are some outfits from earlier this fall.   My other catching up post is here. #1-Boyfriend Jeans and GreenThis scarf and


WIW 11/21: Matchy matchy with fab new shoes and birthday bracelet

I couldn't resist snatching up this dress at the NAS because it matches my Kate Spade handbag so perfectly! And oh my gosh I am so in love with


Autumn catch-up

Catching ups with early fall wear over the last couple weeks. 1-2: Lots of blue. Cobalt faux-wrap dress, blue silk scarf, black knee high boots,


WIW Fall Catch Up

Hi, Here's another catch up post of outfits from earlier this fall.  My other post is here. #1-Layering A Blanket ScarfIt took a long time


WIW: November looks

Hi Here is a bit of a round up of some recent looks this month.  They are mostly casual this time around. 1)  Very casual - watching


WIW my Cranberry, Pumpkin & Bordeaux

I just love this colour combo because it's so vivid and alive. It took me some pondering to come up with this combo because the few cranberry and

A few WIW recently!

Hello ladies, it's been a while, eh? ^^ Thought I'd post a few recent outfits with a handful of new items (coral sweater, plaid bomber, yellow


WIW today

We had a very cold morning, so I wore this with soft white skinny jeans and chocolate brown Dansko ankle boots. The cardigan is new. I've had all


WIW 11/20: stripes and dots and gold

It's warming up here after some nice fall-like weather so I busted out this knit skit and top from Cabi (the red and white stripes go down


A family birthday celebration

We celebrated my father's 80th birthday and were very lucky to have a wonderful celebration with family and friends. My parents had 4 children,


Florida Fall challenge WIW

I’m still trying to do a 30-day wardrobe challenge with berry/plum colors in lightweight materials for fall weather on Florida’s Sunshine

Mirabelle & Mustard : under Angie’s spell

My last purchases are heavily influenced by Angie, not really surprising since I admire her style. Last month, I bought burgundy trousers and

WIW: Work Holiday Party (Already!)

First holiday party this weekend. I usually wear dresses, so a jumpsuit is a departure for me. I love this jumpsuit. It's very comfortable, has

WIW: lots of outfits, lots of handknits

Haven't posted outfit photos in a while, so here are a whole bunch.  As you can see, it's finally gotten cold here so I've busted out the


WIW- Olive , Black &Cream feeling very 70's

Hello YLF, I had bought this awesome midi dress following Angie's raving reviews and was pondering what coat to wear with it while sipping my


Watercolor print blouses

I purchased both of these blouses over a year ago and was a little uncertain about if the prints would be hard to integrate into my wardrobe. Not


wiw 10.17 MPG ftw

I recently posted about my new favourite line - MPG aka Mondetta Performance Gear- and wore 3 pieces of it today.  It was a casual work


WIW Berry colours

I am really pleased with my new blush blouse and also new culottes from Karen Millen. They go well with a sales purchase of winter coat from Club


Some sporadic November WIW's

Are these even in chronological order? Heck if I know! You can see some patterns here. Boring, sturdy shoes, for one! Our November means wet

Olive, Black and Cream 2 Ways

Inspired by Angie's ensemble post on Friday, here are 2 attempts: 1-3: cream top, very dark olive jeans, cream booties, olive coat, pearls, cream


WIW - Olive, polka dots, burnout velvet

#1/2 - Olive skinnes, new boots, sheer blouse - What do you guys think of the fit at the ankle?  I initially thought it was too wide, but


WIW 11/17: Olive, black and cream

I love this color combo so I couldn’t resist wearing it to work today. The bottoms are drop-crotch culottes I got in Seoul last year and


WIW in the Gold Coast

We got back just over a week ago from our holiday( vacation). the weather was lovely and warm so enjoyed the resort pool and wore light

WIW Comfortable and professional-enough

Worst photo ever, I apologize. Used my daughter's full-length mirror and didn't realize how smudged it was until I was gone, and behind me is

WIW - Boden to a fancy art opening

I’m going to an opening at the Met Museum tonight - their huge Michelangelo exhibit! We just upped our membership so this is the first opening

WIW: the new Designer Garage Sale top

It's warm enough! I bought the top 2 months ago in this thread: https.....ctical Wore it yesterday to work and straight to a work

WIW 11/15: Dots, plaid, and leopard (and introducing Echo Look)

I recently got my hands on the Amazon Echo Look, which is a fabulous little gadget existing for the primary purpose of taking outfit photos! How


WIW: Summer version of blog post today.

I loved the proportions on Angie's post and thought I could try and recreate this within my wardrobe.  It is late spring here now. Wearing