WIW: First Festive

Sorry for the wet hair. If I wash it, I air dry it in the car, so it's inevitably damp when I'm in the house and wanting to take a picture. 

Some light blue, lilac, burgundy and white booties

Light blue everlane sweater, burgundy velvet citizens skinniness. I am going to wear my whacky puffer instead of the coat, just for fun, but


A few WIW

Hi all! I have caught up on work for a bit, and am in need of some distraction, so I thought I’d post some outfits. Nothing terribly exciting


WIW: More Fair Isle, and white booties

1. Fair Isle vest I designed and knit for my husband years ago. He never wears it because it’s too warm for him. Naturalizer booties in off


WIW - Maroon boots, white boots, chocolate brown boots

Here's a couple outfits from our recent weekend trip to New Orleans.  It was just DH and I on this trip.  We've been before so didn't


Festive Challenge: weekend edition

I started this post with Sunday to feature a casual dress inspired by Outfit 3, Cozy Cardi Layers. (#1-4) My dress is an ash grey long sleeved EF


Festive Challenge Week 1

I seem to have struggled with this in the sense that my "festive" outfits don't look different from my regular outfits. But I did at least think


A few recent WIW

Nothing too exciting . Neutrals and a couple of my favorite Moto’s in black and one in white . They are many years old but I still love and


Christmas photos

What I wore for dogs photos with Santa, and training day with the dogs.. Very old Christmas sweatshirt New Nine west jeans, high waist and very

Festive challenge: Week 1

Well, as I now remember, I think at the end of November that dressing in a festive way is a great idea for December, but when it's time to put my

Work and Play

I continue to be inspired by all of you and your beautiful outfits, so many thanks. Just some clothes here for teaching and meeting days. I’ve

WIW: Fair Isle cardigan

Angie's post about the Fair Isle Trend prompted me to pull out and wear a sweater my mother knit for me in the 80s. It is medium-gray heather,

Fair Isle Two Ways

My inner preppy loves Fair Isle sweaters. So I’m always excited when they seem to have a fashion moment. 1st outfit is what I wore yesterday to


WIW - 30 year old Fair Isle

All these awesome sweaters and the stories behind them made me want to play. Tonight was the annual Cross Country Ski Passholders social and you


WiW: festive challenge -- holiday party

I may have posted this floral sweater before. It's Lord & Taylor merino wool. Here: https://www......oliday party tonight for hubby's work.


WIW: December festive outfit and my wild card trousers

This is my first proper festive outfit in December. Few weeks ago I saw a pair of faux leather burgundy trousers and fell in love. The only


Festive challenge my first week

This week ended up dressier/more seasonally advanced than I expected, due to events and to some bitterly cold weather. 1. For a Saturday choir

Bringing in yellow

Hello all, I’m on a bit of a yellow jag at the moment. I purchased some large yellow lucite hoop earrings.... fun. These two outfits felt


WIW December and WSIW for event

December has been very casual for me - we have gone out to a couple of Festive occasions but I have failed to take photos either due to a rush or


WIW Festive December - a little bit of shine

Dear Fabbers, This is the outfit I wore to work today. Trying to incorporate some little festive elements for the challenge. I am wearing a

Subtle sparkle!?Festive challenge #2

Off out for a family celebratory meal in one of my Xmas jumpers ,matching nail polish and rudolph earrings .Have matched my lips and shoes to

Festive outfits from this week

1. Red cashmere sweater dress. The boots have a gold wash that doesn’t show in the photo. 2. White+furry vest+ sparkly necklace. Off work today

WIW: Another day, another sweater

I have lots of patterned sweaters. I wore these this week. 1. Thrifted wool yoke sweater, hand knit in Norway. I had some friends over for a


Fun outfits

Hello all, Three fun outfits this week, all for casual wear. The third pic shows the importance of accessories/completer pieces: I think the


Festive wear 12-4,5,6. Fair Isle?

(1-3): Continuing the festive challenge, today’s outfit may not qualify but I wanted to try my old Fair Isle-esque sweater. Does it qualify as


WIW and an introduction

Hi Fabbers, This is my firts post on the forum although I’ve been reading YLF for years. This the most amazing fashion blog in my opinion, I


WIW (Color!) And WIB

It’s an extraordinarily busy and stressful time of year for me, but I found myself near some big mirrors yesterday looking uncharacteristically


WIW: modern handknit fair isle

Of course, after seeing today's blog post, I had to wear some of my hand knit fair isle pieces! =D The sweater is a two-color fair isle with


WIW - work wear

Yes, I do wear lots of black and don’t plan to stop any time soon. I’m still shopping my closet because I realize I really don’t need

WIW, I did make it to the party after all

Sorry for the mix of crappy selfies. I was able to do some trades on call & made it to my friend’s holiday cocktail party. Because it was a