WIW 25 years ago

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary.  Lou and I got married in Pittsburgh, on a gorgeous fall day.  People traveled from as far as


WIW today: casual blazer with Boden jeans

Trying to take advantage of my fleeting blazer season! Brooks Brothers Red Fleece blazer, Boden Cavendish jeans, stompy Blundstones and old

Climate, location, and your style

Our spectacular weather continues. It's truly amazing. A week or so of outfits, several illustrating the "casual long cardigan" formula, several


Me in Gear

We went to Antelope Island to see the Salt Lake and more yesterday. We absolutely loved it. It's a beautiful place, and we did some rocky trail


Black and White, Red and Denim

Hi all, I wanted to try Angie’s cool combo. I substituted a denim shirt for jeans because it was a teaching day. Your advice is welcome.

Costober - Fauna challenge

This week was the flora and fauna Costober Challenge. Only one of my outfits felt right for this - which I have called my Raven outfit.  Of


WIW - Seattle trip

We took a quick 2 day trip to Seattle to go to an employee appreciation party.  My company's corporate headquarters are in Seattle and the


WIW...enjoying red

I've been enjoying all the cheery hits of red featured on the forum recently. Red is my happy colour and though I don't have a red top or bottom,

Red Boots!

I have red boots, so given today's outfit formula, I decided to wear them. I love my red boots - but don't wear them as much as I expected to. I


WIW: Inspired by Suz... again

As soon as I saw Suz's outfit  here:https://youlo.....d-dayI knew I had to try it.  Today was the perfect day... a few errands to do,

WIW: To Vote Early

This is my nod to the Wild West. I live in what might be called the Wild West. We have tumbleweed bounce down the highway in high winds. I pull


WIW: outerwear

This month I’m taking a painting class twice a week, and wearing the same sloppy (paint-friendly) outfit each time: old black Vince slip-on

B&W + red boots

I would have preferred a version of this with a houndstooth blazer -- something I've been hunting for, for some time and have recently ordered to


WIW - bodycon and all the happy

Hi all, just wanted to share my outfit since I'm wearing one of my new bodycon tees today. As per Angie's suggestions, I've semi-tucked it, more

Spring culottes wear. Does this work? Eta pics

This outfit was put together in my head, packed and then put on at work after my cycle commute. First time  I've worn the culottes with a short


October outfits

I am happy to be wearing some of my favorite colors. I think I have just seen the last day of bare legs until May. Yesterday it was 29 with the

Softened with grey, night and day.

This week is the Vancouver Writers' Festival and that means I'm busy day and night with a wide variety of engagements. I'm not presenting, thank


Will wear this tomorrow

I wore this yesterday to my SO's 63rd birthday.  Embracing leopard and chocolate brown.  My new wardrobe pets for fall. (Collect/Finds

WIW today: red boots with black/white/grey

Today's ensemble is right up my alley! My little chukka boots are not Wonder Woman red, but a more subdued burgundy/cranberry. I would've liked

Topshop sweater review

Finally cold enough for the Angie twin Topshop sweater, so here was my weekend version with embroidered jeans (custom made for me). The plusses:

WIW: silver shoes

I’ve been wearing my black Free People Royale asymmetric flats nonstop, so when I found a good deal on the silver version, I duplicated. I’ve

Styling pleather joggers

I’ve owned a pair of black faux-leather joggers for a few years now. They are super comfy, fleece lined, a bit too big but beyond the skills of

WIW: the outfit so nice I wore it twice!

I don't usually repeat outfits two days in a row deliberately (often I do it out of sheer inertia and feel schlubby about it) but I liked this

White jeans for fall

I always loved wearing white jeans in Spring and Summer but could not style them for the life of me for any true Fall outfits just untill 


WIW: White, pink, grey and some olive

It’s fall here. We’ve had a couple days with lows in the 20s, but they’ve warmed up in the afternoons to warm, sunny perfection. For church


Humid spring wiws

Ok gang.... the most recent batch of outfits. It’s been fairly humid here. A kind of bumpy week as we lost a dear friend, I drank a lot of wine


WIW: Fully Fall

Mid-October in northern New England is spectacular, and we've been lucky to have a pretty mild fall so far (still no frost at my elevation,

Ermagerd, I’m pattern mixing!

I felt compelled to debut the Mural jacket from NAS today over an old patterned Zara top. I think it works! :-D Lucky straight jeans with


Two outfits, 4 days

Example 1, worn 2 days in a row -- once for the whole day (with different footwear for part of the day) and once out for supper the next night.


Pattern mixing a la Suz.

I had quite a chuckle when, after admiring the pattern mixing in one of Suz's outfits she showed us here ,I realized I had the exact same