WIW Summer #1 (warm & spicy)

Hi all We are at the tail end of Summer now and I’ve been doing lots of repeat wears and mixing and matching. Not much variation in silhouette

WIW - Light neutrals

Now that I gave you the fair warning, I feel more confident to post my current looks :) This is how I like to dress at the moment - light to


WIW colours for a gray day

Today was cloudy and temps around freezing point (0 Celsius). Monday is always meetings at work so needed layers to adjust temps for warm/chilled

WIW…colour, pattern, and trendy jeans!

So happy to have found ‘my’ version of wide leg jeans.  Errands to run, and dinner out tonight.  Jeans and a roll neck have been my

WIW: Subtle Changes

Rented this beautiful dress for 2 outings last weekend. 1) Wore to attend a performance of Natashia, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. 


WIW 2/21 : Some of My Quiet Columns

Hi All, Angie's post on quiet columns challenged me to send some of my outfits that I wore these days and those that I usually wear. 1-My dark


WIW root canal and new FFBO

I needed an easy and comfy outfit to wear for a root canal treatment today. I’m so anxious for any dental treatment, but it all went well.

You knew I was going to do it, right?!

Double digit temps today.  Still a little cool for a spring coat, but I couldn’t resist doing a copy cat of #2 from today’s blog post.


Every item in this outfit apart from my red eyewear is classic. My straightened bob is classic too!  fit & flare dress, tailored tall


Accessorizing a tonal column

After a midwinter break in Arizona, I'm more than ready to shed the winter layers. Seattle was blessed today with mild weather and abundant

OOTD: Sweater Dress + Vest + Boots

I just happened to be wearing this when I saw Angie’s post. Never happens!. I’ve found the vest hard to wear proportion wise since I’m


WIW…Pinterest copy cat

Here’s my version of a Pinterest outfit that really appealed to me! We got some snow over the weekend, but it’s melting.  Parking

Formula: wide pants, short jacket

Here is my day 6 of Kkards January challenge. EF wide plaid pants ( window pane check of white lines on classic navy). EF silk navy shell, Vince


Contrast Column and new hair

Today, I am wearing the not-so-quiet column. Column of chocolate brown with fuchsia- magenta - red accents. I was just getting ready when Angie

WIW: I will not go quietly.

Angie's post on quiet columns reminded me that there were some outfits I wanted to post.   1) I keep trying a monochromatic look, but


WIW casual at work

I work at a film festival and the work environment is super laidback and very friendly. Anything goes, so I go with whatever I feel like.

WIWs: Trends and Classics

Sporting trends with complementary classics in two similar outfits. I'm a Trendy Classic :)  Trends: Barrel jeans (ecru - not white)


WIW: work outfit

I will be headed to work in an hour, and thought I'd show my new shirt. It's not often I get a "fun" shirt--I usually go for very practical tees,


WIW volume on volume

It’s winter and cold in the northern hemisphere. I try to layer as smart as possible for temp changes indoors vs. outside, too warm meeting

WIW: retro corduroys

I did get these from one of Angie's posts. I think it was the cord post. These are from the Gap. I love them because they fit like a glove on the


WIW: orange rust and navy, glam chic?

Simple outfit to run a quick errand at Walmart. I actually felt very polished wearing this. Forgive me for sounding nit picky below. I’m just


WIWs: Big COS Sweater Dress

I LOVE my Winter COS sweater dress! Sack silhouette, warm, long, super cosy, super comfy, and easy to style.  Not sure what to call the


Summer in Winter

Mine is nothing like the examples, and much less unexpected, but I still think it's a cute colour combo. :)  Out for pub lunch with


WIW 2/5 : Camel Coat Finally

Hi All, This Angie's post from last year inspired me to buy a camel coat, which I love. I haven't worn it for a long time and I wanted to have it


Yet more coats!

#1 Remember the lilac coat from a couple of posts ago? Well no sooner had I decided to sell it than I found a vintage Tiklas (Finnish)


WIW for a hospital stay

There are some stressful times that send me fleeing to the all-black part of my closet for simplicity and ease, but others, apparently, have me


Brown and lilac

Stepping away from my capsule today since I was intrigued by this color combination. I think brown and periwinkle would be fun combination too.


January Finale and Reflections

Ta-Da! I did it! A month of no outfit repeats, following on SarahDB's challenge. My additional wrinkle was to wear something new and something


WIW: Oversized Nostalgia

Oversized my way! Fit is dead right. If you wore Esprit in the '80s - Inge, Suz, Sal, Brooklyn, Barbara Diane, Laura, Dana, Bijou,


January Recap (long!)

January is over! Here are my final 3 outfits: 1-3: Navy velvet straight legs, lavender pintuck tunic, ivory/pastel fair isle cardi. Inspired by