WIW - Maroon and black

I haven't been posting many outfits because I feel like everything I wear I've either already posted or the outfit is boring.  It's that

Some recent outfits. Pic heavy.

I am still figuring out my more casual work style. All of these outfits were worn for work. Scarves, toppers and happiness factors seem to be

WIW Vinyl trench coat

Dear Fabbers, I have read that vinyl coats are trending, so I dug into my storage and pulled out this plastic coat I bought in the nineties.

WIW to wedding

Saturday we went to the wedding of our best friends’ daughter. A fun and beautiful occasion. DH and I were the last couple dancing in the


First WIW ever, pink and red

Ok, a bit intimidated by how sharp and pulled together all of you look. So many inspiring and eye-catching looks! You are all so glowing and fun!

First WIW: Valentine's edition

Hi!My first ever WiW and a little nervous. Please excuse the slightly awkward expression and the rambling :) Decided to plan and cook a surprise


Style themes for 2019

Hi all I know we are already well into 2019, but I thought I’d post about my style themes for 2019. Better late than never :) I like having a

WIW: CC Day 5

One day I will get a better phone/camera. These oxfords are actually sparkly teal green — a Nordstrom Rack impulse buy from when I went


CC - 4 day office

I really enjoyed this challenge and realized that I probably could come up with >2 weeks colorful work outfits but would struggle in my smart


WIW day 5 CC fringe, flowers and butterflies

Hi all the last day drew quite a few compliments at work on my fringed tunic. Originally bought for Art Deco weekend 5 years ago. I thought the

WiW: Days 3-6 Cheating CC

I called it cheating because - it is summer so a bit easier - I wore black shoes!! But no solid dark clothing all week. 1 Wednesday work - I like


WIW Day 5 of CC challenge

Hi Ladies, To finish off the week I had an important work meeting to attend, so wore my favourite suit, which just happens to not be black - so


Trying a capsule wardrobe

Hello Fabbers! I haven't posted here is a while, as I decided to take a break for personal reasons. But I have been thinking about style (of


Sunny Saturday Styling

Dog walk version (combat boots, different puffy coat, plus the same scarf) Bookstore version. (Camel coat and little white heeled Chelsea boots)


WIW-CC day 5

Like some other participants I've finished off the week with stripes! Borrowed DS#2's scarf for it's multicoloured fun. Thanks to everyone who

WIW: CC day 5 boho friday

Working at home today, otherwise just hanging out with the family and staying warm. And maybe pretending I’m a gypsy? I’m trying to get more

WIW: Color is contagious!

Having a bit on fun on Friday with another colorful WIW. Wouldn’t normally wear this to work but since I didn’t have any appointments and

Valentine's Fail - Outfit Lab - ugh.

Do you ever look at photos of what you've worn and cringe?  Normally I'd not post these, but I was so frustrated by this whole outfit, by


WIW CC - ETA day 4?

It’s minus 2C (29F) and snowing here :( Please excuse my crazy snow-dampened hair. WIW: -olive and evergreen winter vans (2018) - skinny jeans

WIW Color Challenge # 5 Cabin Fever and Thanks to Katerina and Runcarla

I like a good challenge, so I decided to accept Runcarla's Light Neutrals Challenge. The weather has been really changeable here on the coast and


WIW CC Valentine’s Day - sort of

Dear Fabbers, My Valentines outfit not so Valentines, but I stretched my style. I am wearing a knitted jumper! And a large necklace! I am wearing

Valentines Day at Work

Red wide leg crops and a band t shirt sneaking into work under a Brooks Bros. Blazer! I’ve been feeling blah about winter dressing, so it was


WIW: Team Red!

In honor of today's blog post (and Valentine's Day of course) here are some recent red outfits.   1-4 is what I'm wearing today for


WIW: CC Valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Low key day off today so I decided to be experimental and pretty much wear all the red things I had all at once and see

Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Fabbers! Forced myself out of my neutral box and added some color to this dreary, wet day! Also sharing an Angie pick

WIWCC-Valentines (3 days)

To continue the Color Challenge: Tuesday ( 1/2): is an outfit I wore to meetings, red- orange EF dress, taupe jacket, booties and bag Wednesday


WIW: CC Days 2-4

#1 is what I wore to work on Tuesday. #2 is what I started with on Wednesday, but the scarf is so fluffy it bothered me so I replaced it with the


Wiws- fairly basic

Hello all, I haven’t posted as many wiws lately, mainly for the extremely positive reason of being overall satisfied with my wardrobe and


WIW...CC Valentine's Day

Well of course I'm going to wear red for Valentine's Day! This flannel shirt (Levi's) is fast becoming a cozy favourite this winter. Thanks for

WIW CC Valentine's Day

Enjoyed my vintage shoes today. Also went to parents-in-law's house for the evening- FIL's 88th birthday. Red Scope swing top late 2017 5th wear.