Challenge - Monochrome Mint

I always enjoy the YLF challenges and so the idea of a colour challenge is wonderful - thank you Katerina for providing the challenge and also


WIW 9/22 : Not So Earthy – Remix With Brights

It's time for a blazer, which I can really wear in my climate for a very short time, a little in the spring and a little in the fall. So I


Let's play with colours - outfit 1 Cobalt monochrome

Hi everyone, I have just posted about my new challenge - Let's play with colours. And here is my first outfit already,

WIW and WIWW (with Brooklyn as my Personal Shopper)

Here are some recent WIW from the last few weeks.  These are mostly tweaks of older and existing pieces that I have altered or worn a


WIW (no black!)

Just to prove I can do it....(the no black thing) Thoughts on pairing floral with camo? I had a black t-shirt, but wanted a lighter look. Plus it


WIW: Mid-Autumn Wedding

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. People celebrate with a family meal, mooncakes & watching the full moon. We got some good


Sorry I'm late for Sal's party!

Usually I am compulsively prompt, but have been a bit preoccupied getting ready for Sukkot, which basically involves building a (pre-fab) hut in


Sal's Party: Late from the '80s

I apologize for taking so long but I had to come a long way. You may recognize this outfit as being from the late 1980s.  One of the biggest


Late to Sal’s Virtual Party -Semi formal dress

I remember wearing this dress to a formal evening events few years ago and it made me feel so fabulous. Granted i was a few pounds less than what

Sal's virtual party

I have decided to come along to the party even though I am still in a strict lockdown.  I have chosen to wear a dress that I wore to one of


Sal's virtual party IRL--me & mom

Thanks to Sal for starting this line of thought! And thanks to whoever reminded me that a bolero can upgrade a plainish dress to something

WIW - old oxfords with newer pieces

In my post from yesterday I pondered what to do with my old Clergerie oxford style shoes, since they are not the most currently trendy style. I


Sal’s Virtual Party

What I wore to a real party a couple weeks ago in Arizona, though it doesn’t show much in the pic: a navy silk slip dress. That’s my daughter


WIW - Indian wedding!

Well! After 2 years of postponing, my cousin was finally able to marry his fiancé at the beginning of September. It felt so good to celebrate


What we wore for our 5th anniversary party!

A month or more ago, when it still looked like the pandemic was on its way out, my husband and I decided to have a party to celebrate our 5th


Wi(w)W: BOSSILY Suited

Here is my new NAS Hugo Boss suit. Thanks to attentive Gryffin, I have the pants after three Nordies cancellations! I am grateful. I have


A Spectrum in Linen

Or, What I Wore This Summer Typical workday attire. I don’t have to handle AC set 8 degrees below my comfort level any more, and I will take


Colour coordinated

After a warm week last week, we had a return to cool weather this week. For my “singles bubble” lockdown lunch with my mum, I took the

Got the invite Sal!

Saw Sals post about a virtual party .Thought l would pop in as l haven’t been to a party in literally years!I don’t have much party wear as l

WIW 9/18 : Break the Rules, Why Not

Yesterday was my 77th birthday. My family and I went to a restaurant near my apartment for lunch, of course outside. The weather was very


WIW: Bethel Woodstock Museum

Got to visit the Bethel Arts Center Woodstock Museum this week. Great 60s 70s fashion exhibit. Here are some pics from that groovy trip. Picture

WIW - easy neutrals - ETA - and WIB

Thank Angie for the inspiration this a.m. - an easy neutrals outfit for a wander down Main Street and a coffee with my sister-in-law. I love this


What I Returned (and What I Wore)

The rust kimono-wrap coat is going back. It's less than JFE for me, and while I knew going in that the fabric was a wool blend, I was surprised


WIW 9/16 : A Bit of Earth Tones

Hi All, Thanks Angie and Inge for the inspiration for today's outfit, Angie for the earthy tones and Inge for reminding me of my pleated


A new dress with very puffy sleeves!

Designer fashion is outside my budget. However occasionally I come across a piece that speaks to me. I saw this dress on NetaPorter at 70% off,


Double chocolate

Too early to eat chocolate (or is it?) so wearing it instead. Maybe equivalent seratonin benefits? :) This is the first outing for the new bag,

WIW - to the office

So - September has returned and with it, the craziness of back to school, work priorities and a gradual return to office. I’m trying to keep it


WIW and TRR tips

So I have noticed that there has been some interest here in online consignment and particularly TheRealReal (TRR) and, as a long time buyer, have


Metallic mash up

It’s early Spring here and off to a warm start. For my “singles bubble” lockdown lunch with my mum I opted for a tee and skirt with combat

What i'm wearing today, quick trip into the city centre.

Bought two new pieces this month. Stella McCartney skater skirt and Vivienne Westwood (vegan leather) converse style shoes. I must admit they