WIW Maximal magpie

I've wanted teal footwear for long time, but I didn't want dressy high heels. So I knew I had to have these teal metallic booties when they went

WIW : & How COVID impacted my style

Thinking of my own style has been impacted this year (in response to Angie’s blog post) in relation to COVID and the restrictions. I firstly


2021 Evolution in Sections

Shoes Style/comfort/Practicality & Realization My Reality of which I have just come to accept very recently is that I have big feet. Big and

WIW Jan Mini Challenge Wk 2

A big shot out of Joy for starting this, my outfits may not be the most fashionable, but i think these past 2 weeks I’ve thought about what i


January purchases: Thanks to the forum

OK, so now I have a full length mirror at last but the light is terrible! I need to figure this out. Meanwhile, I've overexposed a bit so you can


It is easy being green :)

Inspired by UmmLila dressing up for her dr appointment- I dressed up for my mammogram. No cancer-yay! This was the first day I wore a skirt since

Mini challenge, my first week in black and white

Thanks to Joy! I was still wearing my festive metallics and cranberries until Epiphany. 1. Glen check slim pants (I decided the red stripe was

WIW...inspired by unfrumped

Pairing  leopard print and merlot would never have crossed my mind, but when unfrumped posted her outfit https:.....-coat, I took note!

WIW - festive and to beat the heat

I have a Summer Christmas living in Australia. The weather is hot in summer. We get a dry heat and most afternoons a breeze comes in off the


WIW: Zella pocket legging and Icebreaker Quantum hoodie

Well, since I tore my meniscus, and spend hours of every day in physio, biking, and now "practice" walking, pretty much all I wear is gear.


Four Winter WIWs

1) Naadam pullover and olive trousers.  I thought this pullover would work with the J. crew lantern pants in purple tweed but it just


2020 review and a bit of 2021.

I planned to use some old classic pieces and to do limited shopping for my new dressier work in 2020. Nothing went the way I planned of course -

WIW 3 new sweaters

A few outfits I wore this week. Uniform, wouldn’t you agree? Three new sweaters for the season. I didn’t really think I would buy anything


WIW Post cast pattern mix

I'm back and the cast is off!! After wearing mostly sweatshirts and short sleeved shirts as well as Mr. ND's black puffer jacket for the past 4

Black and White Challenge

A bakery outfit, but it’s black and white! :)

Taking one for the team ( athleisure team , that is )

Although I’m not comfortable participating in the forum right now ( probably for obvious reasons ) , I wanted to raise a fist in support of


Athleisure for me?!?

Reading the posts and blog on athleisure looks and it's a look I would love to master but I really struggle. It might just be one of my goals for


Patterns, color, texture, short hair

I've been mixing more pale colors, patterns, and texture into my outfits recently. Still mostly all black though! Photo 1: I cut my hair! First

WIW Jan Mini Challenge

Last year i started Jan with a SYC with no outfit repeats. It was a great way to kick off the year. It got me focused and energized...then, well


Coincidentally WIW

I wore this yesterday before I saw Angie's post, and it is not athleisure exactly, but I am wearing new to me white sneakers! I do love the


WIW 1/10 : Pattern – Mixed Plaid Pants

I like plaid pants so I am Team Plaid Pants and enjoy pattern mixing.  I have two pairs of plaid pants and here are a few combinations I


Dark neutrals are my jam

I got dressed today without thinking about Angie’s blog post but later realized that I dress in dark neutrals almost as a matter of course.


A little winter boho

Hi all! I’m continuing with my dark neutrals and bits of burgundy. Today I had to meet up with some folks who purchased some items from me


WIW...pattern mix with plaid pants

Been wanting to wear this mesh shirt with the plaid pants for a while,  but every time I tried it out, it just didn’t look right.

WIW - dark neutrals, dark sparkle, dark roots

Navy and black are my favorite dark neutrals. The dark blue is a better color for me than black, though it’s well noted that black is so much



Hi, this is Jennie. Just joined this forum. I'm a married girl and live in Chicago... the weather is so cold here... nowadays fashion trends

WIW...dark neutrals

Though I’m starting to add brown to my closet, black is the dominant dark neutral at 20% of the items.  Yesterday, and today, I paired

WIW - Queen’s Gambit

This is not really much of a nod to the Netflix series, Queen’s Gambit, which I loved. Apparently checked patterns are having a moment because


WIW- Lemming Madewell Sweater

This Madewell Fair Isle sweater (lemminged from Janet) arrived this morning and since I tried it on I haven’t felt much like taking it off. I


White out, color in ETA PS to Angie

For the fourth day, it’s completely white outside. We had ice Friday, then covered with 4” of snow Saturday, fog and frost Sunday and Monday.