WIW - the sky has fallen, I wore pink and red

Well, kinda... It’s super super casual, but I could not resist this tee — it made me laugh. On a lark I decided to pair it with my salmon cut


Skirts are my jam this summer

Even more than dresses, skirts are turning out to be my big go-to’s this summer. Printed skirts with solid tops, especially. So I have added a


You say palazzo, I say pizazzo...

Dear YLF, I'm not sure if these count as palazzo pants, but surely they are close.  Outfit 1 includes the Zara linen pants in Angie's


WIW- the skirt with an attitude

Dear YLF, I am not going to lie, this is a very fun outfit to wear. I like the black & white contrast, the balance between the structured


Dress Challenge: Blue Clouds, Bows & Valentino

I like bows and ruffles and am proud to say so!  Words cannot express how much my Valentino - a gift from YLF ten years ago - means to me. A


Dress challenge(d)

I recently changed jobs and now I start my commute with a bike ride to the train station in the early morning (as opposed to driving to work).

Dress challenge: B&W

I haven't worn much body-con stuff lately, mostly because they don't fit me right now! Oh well :D I felt like wearing something a little bit


Dress + stacked belts

I read a Vogue tutorial on stacking belts. I like the look and I’ve been playing around with it a bit at home. Going out to dinner with my

Dress Challenge - winter work dresses

I am one week behind on the dress challenge, but decided to do the challenge and post because this challenge was made for me. I love dresses!


Premiering the Oscar (de la Renta)

Hi Fabbers, You might remember me mentioning on my thrifting post that I recently thrifted an Oscar de la Renta silk taffeta dress (a lifelong


WIW...working on an olive capsule

Adding to my olive capsule and have acquired two new items - leather sneakers, and a utility jacket - and they have gone into immediate rotation.

Dress Challenge: Weekend to Wednesday

I wear skirts and dresses more often than not, so this is my kind of challenge! ETA: I totally forgot about part of the challenge rules. I was


Dress Challenge: A Little Avant-Garde

I'm not an avant-garde dresser because I prefer structured movement, softer lines, and pretty pieces for my own style. That said, I've worn


Dress challenge #3 : Skirt day

Slightly different today and not exactly a dress. I pulled out a skirt after ages, to wear to work from home and running around for some errands


Dress challenge: & denim

The two outfits posted aren't dresses, although I have lots of dresses (more to come!). I wear skirts and dresses all year round. I play tennis


Dress Challenge: June 16th

I wore this church today. It was a good choice because it felt like the A/C wasn’t working. :( I don’t remember where I got the dress. The


Dress Challenge: Starting the Week and Last Week's Wedding

Once again I forgot to take pictures on “off” days. But Saturday and Sunday afternoon I just wore a simple red knit dress from Amazon. I was


More dresses

My sister and her family are visiting. My sister, who is my best friend along with my husband, and I tend to wake up very early and spend hours


Dress challenge - better late than never!

I wear dresses most days, but have been very busy and not taken photos. Being the weekend, I thought there was no excuse, so I took a photo of


Do you have a preferred skirt length?

Variety is the spice of life, and it is my belief that a person can wear skirts at any length they choose - as long as it is long enough to cover

Dress challenge: Day 1

But really dress weather here in Toronto... But I pulled out one for mosque yesterday. The mosque we go to is pretty casual (often people wear


Dress challenge

I haven't been wearing dresses or taking pictures recently. this was a special occasion and my 4 year old is my photographer! A fit and flare LBD


WIW: heat wave

I’ve been loving these dress posts. You’re all so inspiring! I was on a dress kick for a few weeks but with the most recent heat wave I’m

Dress challenge -great outdoors version

I've been off this week, and have mostly been in gear-swimming, paddleboarding, hiking, dancing, yoga, biking, etc...Basically trying to make up

Dress challenge: B&W with denim jacket

This is not the first dress I've worn in the last few days, but it's the first I've had time to photograph.  Casual dresses in the summer


WIW: Not a dress

I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s fabulous dresses... and looking forward to wearing mine, unfortunately the weather has been too cool for me to


WIW - Dress #3

This is my Sunday at home look. My house dress, house shoes and house hair - air dried without products.


WIW - Dress #2

Going to IKEA and to run some errands. My parents are coming and will stay until the end of month - busy times ahead. I know that this dress is


Thank you Dress Challenge. 3rd dress this week.

I am enjoying this challenge so much. It is a lot of fun to see all the dresses and styling of our Fabbers! I am also enjoying the nudge to put

WIW: Kamm and Chore

I may pull out my only casual dress this week if the weather co-operates but not yet.  We went to see a wonderful musician play this