The Whirlwind Work Trip ETA Added Cheongsam photos

I had the opportunity to visit China for a work conference and the real bonus was that I had 1.5 days for sight seeing with friends in Beijing.


Skirt convert

Hi all I’ve been doing quite a bit of clothing repurposing and rejuvenating this year. Trying to get more out of my wardrobe. And buy less. I

WIW: my week in white

About halfway through the week, I realized that I’d worn something white every day so I decided to see if I could make it through the whole


Denim Joggers a la#2

When I saw Outfit #2 in Angie’s blog ensemble post, I knew I had the pieces. Tee is an old cheapie from last fall when I was looking for olive.


Puffy puffy puffy! (For Rachylou)

Well, after considering this garment since I first saw it in April, I have bought it. I loved it when I first saw it-olive, animal print and

WIW now it is autumn :-)

Dear Fabbers, Today, the temperatures have dropped here and the whole day felt like the autumn has already come. I took the opportunity to wear a

It’s a nice day for a white wedding...

It was a surprise wedding and oh boy it was so much fun. Our friend invited us to a beautiful brunch and my little one was included. The only

WIW...working with a shadow style

Sooooo hot and humid. Some radio know-it-all commenter announced it is the end of summer! Not! Top - YEST (2018) White jeans - Calvin Klein

Trying out long cardi with wide denim crops

A number of people on threads both recent and a few months ago suggested trying a long cardi with my wide crops so I did that today.  These


WIW end of summer

I’ve been traveling for the past 3 months, more or less, and so haven’t had NEARLY enough chances to enjoy my summer closet. But now I am at

WIW - Pencil skirt, mustard, white, tie-dye again

#1 - Inspired by Lisa p post about wearing a pencil skirt.  I paired this black tunic and a cobalt pencil skirt.  I should have taken a


WIW: Angie-inspired Travel Outfit

I am stuck at the airport with a flight delay this morning. All the more time to post my travel outfit, inspired by Angie’s trusty blazer. This


WIW Shades of green

I was unsure about what to wear this morning until I spied this top in my closet. I love the dark lime color with accents of navy and light blue.

Yup, More Self Made Outfits

Hello Ladies :) Lots of pics  I haven't been here in forever. I've still been busy sewing up a storm. Probably 90% of my wardrobe is now


WIW...August. 13, 2019

Marathon gardening put ALL my shorts and jeans in the wash - so took a day off. Well, I went to the gym ;-) Anyway, just the pants and T-shirt

WIW fuchsia accents

Dear Fabbers, Here is todays’ casual outfit for running errands and grocery shopping. It is not anything special, but since Angie’s lovely

WIW - My version of shorts

I loved and would happily wear most of the longer shorts in Angie's post last month. Meanwhile, I am wearing my collection on an almost daily


WIW- Dog days of summer (photo heavy)

It's been hot and DD came down with mono last week. She's been miserable. Fortunately, I suppose, she's over the worst of it but she leaves for

WIW 8/12: (Mostly) Consignment Outfit

I’ve been a lifelong fan of thrift and consignment shopping. In the last few years I’ve had have had mixed success, sometimes bringing home

Riffing on Kari’s chambray shirt

Kari’s chambray shirt outfit lab got me thinking about my own chambray shirt. It’s become a comfy go-to for me when it’s cooler, usually


WIW: Something completely different (for me)

I really loved this crazy dress. It elicited positive reactions from several people today, including my husband! However, it’s very staticky,


Chambray shirt part 2

Follow up to this thread: https://youlookfab.....Trying out some styling suggestions for a very casual event, was able to alter the J Crew roll


Patterned top, plain bottom; and plain top, patterned bottom

Here is a recent WIW inspired by Angie’s blog post on shorts. The crops are olive rather than white but paired with a patterned top ( thrifted


Monday maxi

Gosh, it's my first WIW post. Of course, some of my outfit, namely the bag, Trina Turk lace jacket, and Addidas sneakers, are from consignment

WIW - my summer finds

Dear Fabbers, Today, I am wearing a new dress. It is an outlet find, a German design by Wolfgang Joop. Made from very light viscose. I fell for

Summer black

Well, this was an experiment in tucking that may fall short of JFE but I really wanted to get in a wear of this top, but it’s too long to


WIW: casual shorts outfit

I happened to be wearing my own version of a what Angie posted today: a cool, casual shorts outfit that is "a little different to the basic

Wearing and shopping challenges

Last day of Sally’s “wear all my winter clothes” challenge. Have done quite well. Tried to wear some things again that I don’t wear

WIW: texture with rolled jeans

Inspired by Angie’s blog post today, I am wearing old white Kut Catherine boyfriend jeans, a black shell and black and white EF over layer. The


WIW: Summer Outfits (Pic heavy)

This summer, after attending YLF-school with professor Angie for the three years since I retired, I finally feel that I have a summer