Summer WIW

2 weeks back in the country and trying to mix it up with both new and old items. Summer is warmer than it often is in December. I only have one


Have a backlog of outfits here. Some good, some bad, mostly the usual. Please offer suggestions for improvement, if you want to. Thanks for all

Pantone 2020 the Festive Way

Pantone's classic blue may be a "safe" choice after the radiant orchids, emeralds, and corals of recent years. But for me, it's still "true


WIW - Floral boots, snakeskin boots, grey

#1 - Floral boots, white jeans.  I got tons of complements on these boots this day. #2 - Worn to brunch with some new friends (met on


WIW: for a holiday party this afternoon

Hi!  I haven't been posting much here lately, but I'm still around.  Anyway, thought I'd share what I'm wearing today.  Currently


Parisian pedestrian hits

I spent a lot of time lurking on the forum and blog last month getting ready for my trip to Paris, so I wanted to post about a few winners that

Everyday wiws

Three recent wiws to share. Mostly for documentation (of progress...?) and educational purposes, lol. Maybe someone can be inspired on what NOT


WIW Dec 5: Work Festive

The work holiday party was this afternoon, an open house type of event. But I had a customer meeting in the morning and needed to be slightly

Texture and magpie sneakers

I can't resist any item of clothing that has a "touch me" texture like this eyelash sweater coat Of course, it followed me home from the

Style cheerleaders

As a family we were going out for a celebratory meal and I had planned my outfit ahead of time but as is often the way at my age the reality did

A work wiw

Hello everyone, I’ve had a long hiatus from the forum but am excited to be back. Some body shape changes that I’m adjusting to. Here is a


Moving earth tones into winter. And it's always something....

Nothing terribly special here, other than I had a second to take a picture or two before heading out the door and liked my outfit for the first


WIW: Pinterest #2 and Bling Bow Sneakers

Temps neared 80F today, so decided to be inspired by this pic of Jessica Alba.  I've been off skirts for while, so it was refreshing to be


WIW: Red Shoes, Red Topper

Inspired by Angie’s post today but with conventional proportions. I love my new boiler suit despite my complaints that jumpsuits are a PITA. I


WIW: Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Sharing my short work week of outfits. Non-work and non holidays were spent in lounge wear (not pictured

WIW Festive work edition

Today was the year end recognition/holiday event at work and one of the very few opportunities I have to wear something other than jeans or a

It’s December!!!

Today is the 1st of December and Christmas trees are popping up all over like a rash!l had decided that my own personal challenge this month was

A take on classic tomboy

It's December, and I am following my goal of multiple wiws on YLF this year. Sorry for being a forum spammer, but thanks for feedback :-D Outfit


WIW 11/25: Inspired by kellygirl

kellygirl posted this collection of outfits a few day ago https://youlookfab.....ngths, and I just LOVED the first outfit , so I decided to

The usual

Another day of errands and card-making. Exciting day, as I took a carload of electronics to recycle! Just a small dent in the total collection,


Pastel Blue & dark Red on a Frosty day in UK

Hello there - it's been a while!Outfit worn on very cold walk to local shops on black friday weekend in the UK.I just bought this handbag & the Christmas Parade

DH and I are big fans of our community’s two big parades - the first to celebrate Canada Day July 1 and the second to signal the start of the

WIW: Thanksgiving 2019

Maybe a little seasonally confused... a summer dress thrown over winter under layers... but I think I’m cute ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you want to build a snow man

Who else loves Frozen? I know I cannot be the only adult who does. Well we went to Go see Frozen this weekend and it was EPIC. I’m so glad

Happy Thanksgiving!

We came down for Thanksgiving a day early due to an impending storm.  We had an extra day to kill, so naturally we went birding. At first it


Giving thanks

Good morning and thanks to all for your recent condolences and all the love on this forum. Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating


WIW: higher rises and cropped lengths

Taking a little break and distraction from my frantic cleaning and shopping in preparation for Thanksgiving. Amazing how even though both kids

WIW- dress with jeans, snakeskin, olive

#1 - Dress with white jeans  #2 - I wanted to wear this with my tan boots but they have a heel and I had a field meeting so needed flat


WIW - jacket experiments

Well the weather has gotten a little bit cooler and I have started playing with my jackets. I won't say these are outfit fails (but feel free to


My holiday party outfit

I was not planning on buying a new holiday outfit as I have dressy items in my wardrobe. However, one of my favourite designers made this skirt -