WIW - New dress with blazer

This is one of the dresses I picked up from the clothing exchange.  People kept looking at it and passing it up because they thought the


WIW: to shock a student

One of my middle school students saw me in the hall yesterday and said “I didn’t know a school counselor could wear leather !” I said


WIW: skirts, bare legs, and boots

I love the combo of skirts and boots (of all sorts!)  After today's blog post I want to try some looks with tall boots, but we are having a


Seasonal refresher WIW

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. I’ve had some health problems this summer and spent way too much of it in my pyjamas. In my defence, they

Blazer, knit top, and pile of pearls for daytime date

I worked all weekend so I'm off for a daytime date with Mr. Suz -- driving  through Prince Edward County to see the foliage and enjoy a


WIW 10/18/17

Today was a casual day. So the outfit reflects it. The tunic is new and I am considering getting another color. It is an easy throw on piece.


Opinion sought, plus WIW

First up, for your consideration. I'm finally getting around to evaluating my NAS purchases. It seems I'm incapable of doing that while it's 90


WIW - Boho, tunic, black, "in the wild"

Here's a few outfit pics and one "in the wild".  It was Fall Break last week and the kids didn't have school for 2 days so we went camping

WIW...channeling Kate

Hepburn. Not the princess! Menswear inspired, as I continue to muse on LaPedestrienne’s Androgeny project. Shirt - Karl Lagerfeld Cuffed

WIW: Seattle Day 3 and Travel

These two outfits are pretty boring compared to my other trip outfits, but I wanted to complete the capsule. #1 was what I wore to the Sounders


Quick pea coat WIW

I'm so EXCITED to wear my new pea coat! It is subtley maximal.


A Whole Bunch of Recent WIWs

Once or twice a year I try to post some outfits because I continuously get so much inspiration from this site (both blog and forum) and am very

White tulle, black pleats (and matchy matchy cat purse)

Hi YLF, it's been ages since I posted, mostly because I've been so super busy with work and the kids, but also because I haven't been in a real

WIW : A Little More Colour & Pattern!

Hi Ladies, Clearly there is something about Spring that inspires a little colour and pattern. I had my eye on this top for quite some time


WIW more sewing

Dang, I haven't been here in ages :)I'm to the point that I sew almost all of my clothes now.Here's a few recent outfits I've made


WIW: A couple outfits this week

1. Pendleton jacket and jeans, and my Jack O Lantern pin (made by me). 2. What I wore to visit my mother in the SF Bay Area. Is it my country


WIW : Grown Up Work Style

A couple of work outfits! Monday I had meetings and Tuesday I was giving a presentation. I’m not a suit person so aimed for interesting and


Gender neutral, androgyny, tomboy...

...call it what you like, I have no strong feelings about it. Most of my wardrobe can be labelled tomboy. I might be in denial, but I don’t

WIW Today: shirt-jac and new boots

So this wool plaid shirt jacket is a perfect match for the burgundy boots. I'm being brave and wearing them with olive! I kind of like it. :)

Hello again!

Hi everyone - long time no see! I used to be on this forum regularly but then about a year ago I decided to cut out all social media (not a


WIW Catchup and Roadtrip

Hi All We have been on a small road trip around the South Island of NZ.  Fashion was VERY casual, lots of jeans, hoodies, puffer jackets,


WIW: New jeans and top

As mentioned in a couple of other posts I visited a specialist jeans shop and purchased some new jeans. Brand - Nobody (made in Australia), Style



Hello ladies how are you? I am sending you a small message from Southern Italy I find myself in the Naples area the sun is generous but not too

WIW Friday + Thursday Boots!

This is an un-styled shot of my Friday outfit -- no accessories, no outerwear -- because mostly I just wanted to grab a pic of the Thursday Boots

A day at the Museum

Visiting our local Black History Museum in Chicago. The DuSable is full of rich historical artifacts and futuristic art. What really made the

New Glasses and Funny Pin

Hi, y'all! I've had a busy couple of weeks, so I haven't been posting, but I wanted to share a picture with my new glasses AND a pin I bought


WIW 10.8 as promised ankle-wrap mules

I promised I would post the next outfit I wore with these Free People ankle-wrap mules, so here it is. :-) Day two of the weekend open studio,


WIW 10/11 androgyny day 2

A blazer day -- although too warm for it by the afternoon. Core items: Boden blazer, black 501s, red chukka boots I started out with a black

What I packed for two weeks in Italy

I just got back from two weeks in Italy and thought I’d post a recap of what I packed and what worked. We had two days in Rome on our own, then


WIW...Androgeny Project #2 (copy cat LaPed)

After seeing LaPedestrienne’s last WIW, i just had to do a copy cat! Greek fisherman’s cap - H&M Madonna collaboration Jacket -