Another year and another four hundred blog posts under our belt. Wow, that’s a lot of writing. And a lot of engagement in the comments section from our readership. Blog comments are far from a reliable indicator of the value of a post, but I find it quite interesting to see which ones generate a lot of discussion. 

Here are the posts that received more than one hundred comments in 2014:

Unsurprisingly, posts that ask for an opinion about a trend or look generally garner more comments. Personal stories, outfit posts, client posts, and controversial topics also create more activity in the comments section.

When I thank YLF readers for their contributions, as I have often done over the years, it is very sincere gratitude. It is impossible for one person, even a fashion stylist, to cover the diversity of needs and preferences out there. So I often write a post that introduces a topic, describes my own relationship with that topic, and then asks what you think. The post then becomes a combination of my original thoughts and the comments that follow.

Despite the integral nature of comments to YLF, the posts with the most comments aren’t always the ones I most enjoyed writing. I’m most proud of a post when I feel that I have broken a topic down into helpful and tangible pieces of information that are easy to put into practice. With that in mind, here are some of my favourite posts from 2014.

Then there is a group of posts that I didn’t write, but that I’m extremely happy to have on YLF: The Outstanding Outfit Blogger series by Inge. Inge’s descriptions are beautiful, and the 26 bloggers she covered in 2014 bring so much variety to YLF.

Finally, my favourite post of the year is also one that’s in the 100+ comments club. I think it’s so important to separate the evaluation of an outfit from assumptions about the wearer, and I remember feeling extremely fired up when I wrote Judge the Outfit, Not the Person.

Over to you. Do you have any favourite YLF blog posts from 2014?