There’s a new flat sandal trend that takes its inspiration from the classic Birkenstock sandal. It is surfacing in many variations — some styles are sleeker and more refined. And it makes the original Birkenstock sandal completely fashionable. 

It’s remarkable that this style of sandal is having its fashionable moment. At first I was surprised, but then realized that it makes a lot of sense in the context of a fashion era that is more inclusive than ever before. What’s more, looking square is hip these days, and so is irregular outfit juxtaposition. Two ways that this trend reflects the look of 2014.

Here are some street style looks sporting the Birkenstock with panache: 

The outfits below show more Birkenstock-esque sandals in action. They are paired with everything from shorts, skinnies, boyfriend jeans and track pants, to skirts, dresses and suits. A truly irregular outfit juxtaposition, especially with the formal suit. Black is the most popular colour.

I like how black and white Birkenstocks have been worn in casual neutral outfits (and I include blue denim as a neutral.) I’m not that fond of the ped remixed with dressy pieces and colours. I also like the Birkenstock sandal silhouette on high volume feet with short toes. I don’t think the sandal style looks as good on low volume feet with long toes. Proportions look off to my eye when feet can’t adequately fill out the sandal, and when long toes are fully exposed in a slip-on style of shoe. 

I bet the die hard Birkenstock wearers are as happy as clams. It’s a comfortable and practical footwear option for many people, and I am always in favour of happy and healthy feet. Personally, I won’t be sporting the look because I don’t wear sandals. Furthermore, they are too casual and chunky for my style preferences, and a bad visual fit for my low volume feet and very long toes. But I fully support the look on others. How about you?

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