Often I work with clients who are happy with their wardrobe overall, but want to make their outfits more current. In this situation I have found that there are four places to make your style modern and fashionable that have the most visual impact. In fact, the first two, hairstyle and eyewear, are things that I also suggest tackling first when you are doing a major wardrobe refresh.


Reassess your hairstyle annually and make sure you’re happy with it. Cutting it shorter is one option, and growing it into a different style is another. So is going lighter, darker or to a different colour. Perhaps you should enhance the curl of your hair, or softly straighten the waves to create the style you’re looking for. Choose a fashionable look that you can style and manage daily. Have it reshaped and touched up regularly. 


This applies to those who wear specs daily, and I can’t stress this point enough. Wear a stylish pair of frames because it’s your number one accessory. Reassess the shape and colour of your frames every two to three years. Some styles of frame look current for five years, especially when they’re Retro. Prescription eyewear is expensive, but online stores like Warby Parker can provide a great look at a fraction of the price. 


Footwear has the ability to update and elevate an entire outfit. And one pair of shoes can be worn in many different outfits, so a single new pair can have a big wardrobe impact. You don’t need to wear uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion. Now more than ever before, comfortable shoes are making a fashion statement and there are plenty of options to choose from. Find the footwear trends that work for your feet and incorporate them into your style. 


Handbags are another item that can impact many outfits. They are less important than the previous three elements because we don’t always carry a handbag. Still, when we do wear a bag it makes a big visual impact. You don’t need to swap out your bag frequently if that’s not your thing. Feel free to carry one bag for the season, but make sure that it’s fashionable if you want your style to be current.

Hairstyle, eyewear, footwear and handbags can go a long way to update a well maintained wardrobe. The other side of the coin is that if none of these elements are current, even the most fashionable clothing can look a little dated. Rather go modern on the elements above and classic on the clothing than the other way around.