I've been trying to work my way (slowly) toward a more minimal, and somewhat more edgy style for a while now.

Toward this end, I have a few updates to show you.

First: hair. I'd hoped that the inverted bob I asked for would be more inverted - next time I'll ask for it more severe. Still, what I have is approaching what I want, I think. (#1)

Second: Specs. They finally arrived today, and the red (#2) are comfy and light. The black (#3) are obviously higher quality and sturdier, but the red are more comfortable right out of the box, so I'm wearing them for now.

Third: Footwear. My long-sought-for Doc Martens (#4) also arrived today. These are the third pair I've tried, and I like them. They're 8-hole, so I think will qualify as booties to wear with skirts too. (I may try that tomorrow if the weather permits a skirt).

Forth: Handbag. This isn't an update, and might need to be updated. But I figure I'll show you the handbag (#5) I'm currently carrying anyway. I'm not thrilled with it, but also not dissatisfied enough to look for a replacement. It's nicely structured, real leather and good quality. I like the mix of brown and black. But I'm pretty sure it's dated.

Putting it together into What I'm Wearing (#6-7).

Comments? Suggestions for improvement?

(btw: the top in #4 is also new - it's a gray sparkly sweatshirt. Cropped in the front, a bit longer in the back. Is it worth keeping?)

ETA: Unfortunately, I'm not altogether thrilled with any of these updates. I'm thinking I'll have the hair trimmed to more inverted (I hope) next time, but I figure I'm stuck with the glasses for a while and will just accept them. As far as the Docs, I love the way they look, but they're putting my right small toes to sleep. I may need to experiment with lacing them more loosely.... Still, I'm hoping they're a step in the right direction, and that I can continue to take steps in the right direction.

And apologies for no make-up.

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