As I was pinning inspirational outfits from the Fall 2014 shows back in February, I noticed that forest green was making a small comeback. The colour is dark, rich and screams Autumn. It’s more yellow and a little warmer than teal, and darker than emerald green. Designers used shades of forest green both as a solid statement and as subtle trim. 

Let’s take a peek: 

Forest green is a beautiful colour that I like best paired with any shade of blue or white, much like the first outfit above. It’s also stunning with lilac, chartreuse or citron. And it’s brilliant with good old black and white. I like forest green less when it is paired with earthier tones, like brown, rust, burnt orange, toffee and burgundy, although these combinations are a classic and work exceptionally well on my clients who wear Autumn colours well. Personally, I would need to “freshen up” the shade in a graphic way if I were to wear it myself. 

I’m not champing at the bit to add forest green to my style, but I am enjoying its revival. If it comes my way in an irresistible item, I will definitely add it to my wardrobe. It looks “new” and is a great alternative for those who are not enamoured with black and grey. Over to you. Would you wear forest green?

Forest Green