I’ve found that floral patterns evoke a myriad of emotions with my clientele. Some wear them frequently as the focal point of an outfit. Others won’t wear them at all because they’re too twee, precious or frivolous. Some will wear them casually over the weekend, but not to work. And many will wear a very specific floral pattern in a more subtle way. It’s the subtle ways that I’m going to run through here because they might tickle your fancy for Spring and Summer dressing.  

1. Use Florals As a Layering Piece

The floral top on the left is layered under a topper on the right, so that a small portion of the pattern peeks through the open moto jacket in the front of the outfit. This style of jacket covers most of the pattern, but that’s not your only option. A blazer, cardigan or vest allows a little more of the pattern to peek through.

1.State Floral Print Tee

2. Wear Floral Footwear

If you don’t like to wear floral patterns close to your face, sport them on shoes. Floral footwear can be dressy like the slingback pumps on the left, or casual like the flat loafers on the right. I’ve chosen brights, but floral patterns in muted colour palettes are just as lovely. 

Boden Chelsea SlingbacksSwear Charlotte Floral Shoe

3. Sport a Floral Bag

The concept is similar to floral footwear. Wear a floral accessory away from your face and in smaller doses if you don’t like them enough to wear as a clothing piece. Like footwear, floral bags can be dressy or casual and are available in an assortment of colours.

Kate Spade New York Small Haven Canvas HoboBrahmin Vivian Satchel

4. Choose an Abstract Design

Instead of choosing a floral pattern that looks like a Spring garden, choose a design that’s barely floral. In other words the flowers are less recognizable and a lot more abstract like the dress and top shown below. The pattern mixed version on the left tones down the floral aspect of the design even further.

Raquel Allegra Pullover DressFaith Connexion Floral Print Tee

5. Choose A Monochromatic Pattern 

Monochromatic floral patterns that are made up of one colour and a neutral like white are what I call “floral-lite”. Versions with less contrast than these examples are even more subtle, like a black and dark grey floral, or blush pink and white floral.

MARC JACOBS Contrast Back Floral TopRachel Zoe Magnolia Lace Up Print Silk Tunic

I don’t wear florals frequently, but when I do, they don’t need to be subtle at all. I enjoy wearing bold florals in happy colours in warmer weather because they look fresh and put me in a good mood. They also feel fresh after a Winter of not wearing florals at all. Over to you. Do you wear floral patterns in subtle ways, or are you a bold floral wearer?