Today's post read my mind! I have always liked florals but I sometimes find them too twee even for my feminine style. I tried technique number one (use the floral as a layering piece) with some new purchases that are a bit tougher. The white biker jacket is a new purchase from the GAP. It is denim and slightly cropped and meant to go with skirts and dresses or wide trousers, I think.

The black booties are also new and a little outside my comfort zone. They are super comfortable so I am going to keep them as an experimental purchase.

I feel this look is a little top heavy. Maybe an a-line skirt would look better? I have a black a-line skirt but it is lost in the jungle that has become my closet. Pardon the messy bedroom. I'm still trying to keep things together between juggling work and kids. So far I haven't found time to organize the closet. Maybe over the weekend.