Denim skirts, especially in pencil silhouettes, were completely mainstream for decades, and quite a popular silhouette. As recently as seven years ago, many of my clients were wearing denim pencil skirts. It was a particular favourite during Fall weather, combined with a pair of tall boots, pullover and jacket. Since then I saw the appeal of the denim skirt diminish as my clients moved towards regular jeans. They also became a scarce commodity at retail. 

Denim skirts are making a fashionable comeback for Fall 2014, though still as a fringe trend. It’s interesting how an item that was once mainstream, but fell out of fashion, can come back years later as a fringe trend.

The styles here provide a good sense of the “new” denim skirt look. Straight and tapered pencil silhouettes that are around kneelength are the norm. Some are patched and quilted, while others are waxed. Most are in a shade of blue denim, but black, grey and burgundy are other options. 

Denim skirt fits vary from body con and tailored, to fluid. To illustrate the different fits:

Denim skirts look great with all sorts of footwear, like peep-toe booties, booties, laceless flat oxfords, pointy toe flats, loafers, pumps and taller boots. Sandals are fab if your weather is still warm. The denim skirt is a versatile piece. 

Very few of my clients wear denim skirts at the moment, but I think that might change if we can find lengths that are suitable for a casual office and for cooler weather. My hunch is that some of my clients will enjoy the change from more dressy pencil skirts and wear them with booties. Clients who wear jeans daily might enjoy changing things up with a denim skirt and moto boots. 

I haven’t worn a denim pencil skirt in years, but really like the longer A-line from Mother. The style looks fresh to my eye, and knee-covering is how I would prefer to wear this item. I had a stretchy body con denim pencil skirt years ago that worked well as long as I didn’t move. As soon as I walked, the skirt rode up and bunched, which drove me bananas. I was constantly straightening and pulling it down. The tailored fit was better, but still not conducive to a fast walking pace. So that’s why I’m going for an A-line fit this time round. I can wear a belt so that it stays put on the waist, and walk freely without the need to pull it back into position. 

Over to you. Did you wear a denim skirt in the past? Would you wear one now, or is the vibe too Western Cowgirl?

Karen Millen Indigo Denim Pencil Skirt

MOTHER High Waisted Patchie SkirtVictoria Beckham Pencil SkirtTess Giberson Pieced Denim SkirtMiH The Body Con Zipper Skirt

Current Elliott The Soho Zip Coated Denim Pencil SkirtCitizens of Humanity Pencil Skirt

MOTHER Easy A Skirt7 For All Mankind Denim Skirt

J.Crew Denim Pencil SkirtJ.Crew Quilted Denim Pencil Skirt