This week’s poll covers our handbag preferences. A satchel is a handbag with short handles that you clutch with your hands or hook through one arm. A shoulder bag is a style that you carry on one shoulder, like a tote. A crossbody is a style that you wear diagonally across the body. And a clutch is a bag without handles that you clutch with your hands or under the top part of your arm. 

I’ll go first. I bat for Team Satchel and Team Clutch, and cannot decide between the two because I find them both very comfortable. I keep the contents of my handbag to a minimum, so carrying a clutch is actually quite practical. I have one old L.A.M.B shoulder bag that I love the look of, but don’t carry often because I do not like carrying bags on my shoulder. I find the style uncomfortable and end up feeling lopsided. I cannot handle wearing crossbody bags. I find them extremely uncomfortable on my neck, shoulders and hip, although I love the way they look in outfits. If comfort were not an issue, I would wear crossbody styles more frequently. 

I’m sitting this one out on the bench with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberry sauce. Over to you? Can you bat for one style of bag or are you joining me on the bench?