YLF turned eight over the weekend and my word, I can’t believe it. Time flies when you’re having fun. I’m so grateful to Greg for suggesting that I start blogging in 2006, and for encouraging me to keep with it when I started my style consulting business. The two sides of what I do — in person with my clients and online with you — enrich each other in a wonderful way. 

Inge, who works for YLF part-time from Belgium, was amongst our earliest readers. She became a dear friend and joined the YLF team three years ago. They say you shouldn’t work with your close friends (or spouse for that matter), but in my case it’s worked out brilliantly. The YLF Team is a well-oiled machine, and if anything my friendship with Inge is even stronger since she joined YLF. We are kindred style spirits, because we share the same style sensibilities. And we have loads of fun shopping online together and sharing our new purchases. Thank you Inge, for being a wonderful, capable and thoughtful person. 

Birthday Cake

This year, the date coincided with a business trip so we celebrated YLF’s eight birthday in Boston with fifteen members of the YLF community. The gathering was magical and couldn’t have been more special. We shopped, ate, yakked and laughed up a storm. The positive and compassionate spirit of the members was, as always, energizing and uplifting. One of our members, Isabel, had secured a private room for lunch, and the group surprised us with a celebratory menu and cake. Greg and I were very touched, especially when we saw that the names of Jasmine and Rosie were iced onto the cake along with our own. Many, many thanks to incredible Isabel and Diana for organizing an extremely memorable Boston birthday gathering, and to the rest of the members who contributed to the fabulous day.

Boston Gatherers

Most importantly, YOU are what makes YLF an exceptional community. You graciously continue to share your wit and wisdom in the comments section of the blog and in the forum. Your thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent and insightful contributions enrich my life and provide daily inspiration. With YLF CEOs and muses Jasmine and Rosie in our hearts, THANK YOU for your ongoing support. Cheers to another eight years! We’re looking forward to the adventure.