Mules are high-vamped slip-on shoes with an open back that exposes the heel. Mules do not have ankle straps so there is nothing securing your foot to the shoe other than the grip of your feet. Mules were one of the footwear trends back in the ‘90s, along with platform sneakers, loafers with chunky treads, and combat boots. 

Mules are fringe trending and come in an assortment of styles, as seen below. Most are heeled, but some are flat. Both round and pointy toes are represented. Some styles peep at the toe. Heel shapes can be stiletto, chunky or wedged. Most mules in the ‘90s were black, and that also seems to be the dominant colour this time round. 

The advantage of the mule is the ease with which it can be slipped on. Fast, no-fuss and breezy. The downside is that it can slip off as you stride, unless it’s a snug fit and your feet can comfortably grip the shoe. They are particularly suited to high volume feet because filling out the shoe is a prerequisite for keeping the style securely on your feet. If they’re peep toed, your toes should stay on the soles of the shoe, and not venture beyond the edge of the toe box.

I prefer closed toe mules, either heeled or flat. I like peep-toe styles when the peeping part is small so that the shoe covers most of the toe. Although I don’t mind long toe exposure in thong sandals, I don’t like the look of it with these high vamped mule sandals.

I like mules best when they are worn with jeans or trousers of the same or a similar colour, thereby creating a low contrast between the two items. I like it a little less when there is a high contrast between the mules and the bottoms, but I am not opposed to the combination.

I wore black mules back in the ‘90s because they were all the rage. They barely stayed on my low volume feet, and made a hectic clacking noise as I walked. I’m not in love with mules, so I probably won’t be wearing them this time round. I can see them working well for some of my clients though, and some are sporting the trend already. Closed toe suede mules are extra comfortable, so I’ll be on the lookout for those styles above all others.  

Over to you. Will you be wearing mules?

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