I stopped taking clients to the Loft for a while because I was disappointed with their quality. But each retailer has a chance to redeem themselves at the start of a fashion season with a brand new collection, so I’m always hopeful that the retailers who are in my bad books surprise me. And they do. I went back to the Loft with clients last week and was particularly impressed with their excellent assortment of jeans. They have sizes 00 to 18 covered in both Modern and Curvy fits across petite, regular, and tall. These sizes are available in on trend styles across white and shades of blue denim. Sizes run true to size and not large like they did a few years ago. 

Curvy fits work well for those with a relatively small waist and fuller bottom, hips and thighs. There is extra room on the thighs, and the waistband sits higher on the waist. If your waistbands usually gape at the back, try the curvy fit. Modern fits are straighter, sit lower on the waist, and work on body types where there is less of a curve from waist to thigh. 

So far, these are my favourite styles:

  • Modern Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans: These looked incredible on my tall size 12 client, who stuck to wearing them shorter in a regular length. The zippers on the ankle bring back fun ‘80s flashbacks. The tapered hem fit makes the length, whether it’s shorter or longer, very forgiving. The same style is available in a darker wash, white and a curvy fit
  • Modern Cropped Jeans: These are excellent when rolled a little shorter. They also come in dark blue, and in curvy fits
  • Relaxed Skinny Jeans: They fit like slim-fit boyfriend jeans. Unfortunately they only go up to a size 32, but are available in two washes and across petites and talls. Read the rave reviews. 

Browse through all the jeans because there are bootcuts, skinnies, straight legs and boyfriend styles across most of the fits and sizes.

Loft Modern Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans in Garden Blue WashLoft Modern Cropped Jeans in WhiteLoft Relaxed Skinny Jeans in Supreme Blue Wash