There is no stopping the Birkenstock trend. Birkenstocks are featured on ultra trendy and fashion forward retailers like Net-A-Porter and Shopbop, in mainstream stores like J.Crew, and just read the rave reviews on Zappos. From Zara to Clarks, the double strap and buckled Birkenstock look-a-like is widely available at the moment. Apparently, the Nordstrom flagship in Seattle can’t keep the Birkenstock in stock because it’s selling like hot cakes. We had two warm days last week, and I saw many people wearing the ped downtown and in my neighbourhood. People generally love this ped. It truly is the season for the on trend Birkenstock, and I would not have predicted that. 

Wearing Birkenstocks casually with jeans, pants, cropped pants and shorts is a combination that I suspect most find quite acceptable, especially in super relaxed settings. But how about matching the ped with skirts and dresses? And in some cases with dressier skirts and dresses as shown in the photos here. The visual effect is not conventionally flattering because it shortens the leg line, not to mention that the juxtaposition of lovely dress or skirt with chunky “caveman style shoe” is a little jarring. Many people wear Birkenstocks as house shoes, so essentially the combination is like matching a pretty skirt or dress with fluffy slippers, but as an intentional fashion statement.

My clients are polarized on wearing Birkenstocks with skirts and dresses. Some think it’s possibly the worst combination ever, although they wear Birkies at home as house shoes. Others are rejoicing because they can finally walk to the Farmers Market in style with happy feet. Many enjoy wearing Birkenstocks with jeans, cropped pants and shorts, but draw the line at skirts and dresses. 

Although I don’t wear Birkenstocks, I fully support the trend and am a yay for wearing them with skirts and dresses — with conditions. To my eye, the outfit must look intentionally fashionable, which means wearing current clothes with a particular style of Birkenstock. I like the original two strap Birkenstock best because it covers more of the foot, and because it’s the on trend style. But I only like them in black, white or metallic because they look dressier and more graphic in those colours. I especially like white Birkenstocks because they look the prettiest and the softest of the lot. I like all the outfits below except for the last one because the Birkies are bright blue.The jarring juxtaposition is 2014 fashion, which supports our liberating and empowering fashion era. Plus I am always in favour of happy feet.

What’s your take on wearing Birkenstocks with skirts and dresses? Stylish, different and fun, or frumpy and awfully unattractive.



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