I turn 44 today and am fabulously blessed. My laughter lines represent my love for life. I have wonderful friends, amazing parents-in-law, an incredible Papa, and a husband who is my soulmate and the best of everything. Plus, 2014 fashion is sublime. I’m having so much fun with my personal style and working with clients. 

One of my favourite things to do around my birthday is shop with Greg, my in-house fashion stylist. I look forward to it all year because Greg does not enjoy shopping, but he has a brilliant eye and I so enjoy his perspective on fashion. He rolls out the red carpet for me as we shop from store to store, and we have an amazing time together. This makes my birthday gift extra special. 

I’m spoiled rotten with a few new additions to my wardrobe courtesy of this birthday treat. And I love them even more because of how they were purchased and who gave them to me. Of course, I have to wear my new lovelies as soon as possible, so if it isn’t too hot I’ll be wearing this outfit tonight when we head out to dinner with friends. 

Jacket Bag Full

Jacket Bag Close

This outfit combines several trends that are current favourites. White-out, knitwear, fluid fits, pointy toes and blush. It also pairs brand new pieces with older ones, which I love to do. The trousers and pullover are brand new. The blush bag is this season but not new, the pumps are last season, and the jacket is six years old (and coincidentally a previous birthday present from Greg). 

Jacket Front


I mentioned recently that I want to wear the colours that run through my hair — like tan, bone, cream and oatmeal — head to toe and more frequently for Fall. It’s a very low contrast look that really appeals to me because the effect is subtle, yet rich and quite dramatic. Well, this is the look I had in mind. We didn’t set out to find items in these colours, but things fell into place when Greg and I hit Club Monaco. It’s fun to see your vision come together unexpectedly a lot sooner than you thought it would. 

Pink Door

The Meryl Sweater in heathered oatmeal was one of my top picks at the start of Spring. I loved it right away, but did not purchase it then because it was far too breezy for always-cold me to wear in February. On the sale racks in my size at exactly the right time, it was meant to be. I love the quality of the wool and silk fabrication, the mixed media integrity, the high neckline, and the tailored sleeves. Gorgeously fluid and in the right light neutral. The sweater looks great in motion because the longer back layers swing in a romantic way. I wear it over a white tank top with built-up shoulders because it’s extra sheer.

Top & Bag

Top Close

The Rachel Pants were another exciting find because although I’m over sausage casing skinnies, I do love to wear dressy cigarette pants. They are skinny, but not overly tight. And hallelujah, on me they’re full length, which is a tall order these days. They’re made of a lovely cotton viscose blend with a touch of sheen and are extremely comfortable. Although the top covers the black pleather welt pocket detailing, it’s another design detail I was drawn to. The pants work just as well with a gauzy black golf shirt that was also among my birthday gifts. 


My old bone leather jacket finishes off the tonal palette. Its shorter length and high-low hemline create interesting layers from all angles, especially the side and back. The sleeves of this jacket are supposed to be extra long because they’re slit and can be turned back. I like to wear the sleeves extra long sometimes because it looks luxurious. 

Jacket Close

Jacket Full

The textured gold pumps accentuate the vertical integrity of the outfit. The blush bag breaks up the white-out, which to my in-house fashion stylist was a better match than my white Rosie satchel. Gold watch and wedding ring are all I need in the jewellery department. Apple green specs and brighter lipstick brighten the oatmeal hues against my pale complexion. 


The happiness-factor of this outfit is through the roof. First, Greg chose several of the pieces and I’m sentimental about that. Second, the outfit looks Modern, Simple, Dressy, Clean and Bold, which are my style descriptors. Third, the fabrications are refined. Fourth, the outfit moves when I stride, which adds a spring to my step. And fifth, it has a “soft and pretty” aspect to it, which I strive to create in all my outfits these days. I’m a happy camper.