For several seasons now it’s been hard to find wardrobe items in shades of dark brown. About six years ago, dark brown clothing, footwear and accessories were fashionable and therefore very accessible. I remember walking through Ann Taylor, Nordstrom and the Loft with clients back then, and the landscapes were a sea of rich chocolate brown. Today it’s a sea of grey and black. 

It used to be equally difficult to find wardrobe items in navy and ink blue. But that’s no longer the case, because shades of dark blue are ultra fashionable and there’s no stopping the ink trend. It’s as if shades of dark brown have been replaced by shades of dark blue. And for some reason the fashion world doesn’t have room for more than one strong, dark neutral at a time, aside from black or grey.

Dark brown isn’t unstylish just because it’s not the fashionable choice right now. All colours are in style if they complement your complexion and make you happy. That’s why you have to stock up on “your colours” when they’re in fashion, because when they do fall out of favour they might stay off the fashion radar for a good long while. 

Excluding my high school uniform back in the ’80s, I can probably count the dark brown items I’ve purchased on one hand. When it comes to brown, I prefer lighter shades like cognac, camel and taupe. So I don’t miss the neutral for my own style. But I do miss it for those of my clients who gravitate towards earth tones and look sensational in dark brown. These clients much prefer wearing brown and navy to black and grey. Plus, dark brown complements a navy, peach and burnt orange palette. So I hope that dark brown resurfaces as a fashion colour for their sake, and because a fashion season with lots of options is always best. When that will happen is anyone’s guess.  

Do you wear dark brown, and do you miss it as a fashion colour? Do you wish for more dark brown wardrobe items at retail level? Or do you prefer black, grey and navy?