For this outfit I am ignoring fashion trends for the day and doing my own thing. Yes, this it resembles a costume, and yes, I’m comfortable wearing it downtown, going about my day in a busy city. Horse riding was at the centre of my life when I competed in dressage shows many years ago, so I feel right at home in a classic equestrian outfit. 

Apart from the neon clutch that I bought last year, the rest of the items here are between three and six years old. But the green specs are brand new, and I’ve added a new shade of watermelon-toned lipstick instead of wearing my usual nude lippie. I like the effect of a deeper pink with the sour green against the dark and harsh backdrop of the black turtleneck and grey jacket. 


Bench - Side Close

Bench - Side

The outfit is all about showcasing the equestrian jacket (I wore it previously with chartreuse, denim and moto boots.) It’s the most beautifully made piece in my wardrobe and a true modern classic. It’s not on trend, but has a high longevity factor and is therefore very much in style. It’s stitched and finished immaculately. Although I’m not that fond of grey, the warmth of the chestnut elbow patches and buttons made me fall in love with the piece. And as long as I style the grey in ways that make me feel happy and alive, I love this jacket. 



The curved hem, peplum, back pleat and tie of the jacket, make the silhouette quite dramatic, which means that a simplified support act is a good way to go. A basic turtleneck and skinnies tucked into boots is one way of providing a subtle backdrop to the topper.


In a Row

A black column of colour (e.g. wearing black skinnies with these boots and turtleneck) would have been the easiest and most slimming option. And many would prefer that combination. But it was not my cup of tea because wearing lots of black and grey in one outfit makes me unhappy. And since white jodhpurs are the choice of bottom when competing in a classic dressage competition, I hauled out my white skinnies.



The high contrast white jeans do create horizontally cutting lines across the otherwise dark outfit, both at the hip and the top of the boots. Plus my flat riding boots do little to elongate my leg line, especially since they hit me a few inches below my knee. Proportions would be more conventionally flattering with a pair of black skinnies and over-the-knee boots, thereby accentuating the vertical integrity of the outfit. Yet, it’s the white jeans that make me like the outfit because they’re bright, less conservative and more interesting. So I happily forego a little conventional figure flattery in order to increase my happiness factor. 

The sporty neon clutch adds a modern touch and extra spot of colour to the classic look. Silver watch and wedding ring are all I need in the jewellery department. Now excuse me while I hop into my little red car, and not onto my horse.