Tailored Modern Classic pieces with a dramatic flare have a long and happy style life.

Wardrobe pieces - like my equestrian Smythe jacket - that defy trends, can
be remixed with new trends each season. And it’s fun to see them evolve into their updated look as you change up the support act.

The tailored fit is important. Oversized and bodycon fits have over the decades shown an expiry date. Tailored fits have gone the distance. My hunch is that the slightly fluid side of tailored is the next timeless fit.

NOTE: I'm not saying don't wear other fits. Not at all. I'm merely making an observation about a tailored fit. Wear whichever fits tickle your fancy. And personally, I like mixing up the fits in one outfit.

(I also wanted to use the new YLF feature by writing this thread). xo