Shades of dark blue have become just as popular and available as black over the last three years, so the results of this poll are going to be interesting. Some have made dark blue “their black”. Some will wear both black and dark blue. And some are black wearing die-hards, no matter what.

Just to be clear, you are on Team Black if you prefer wearing black to dark blue, and vice versa. It’s ok to love both.

I love black, and my wardrobe would not function without it in small but very important doses. I love it because I can combine it with shades of white and shades of blue. It’s also excellent with brights and blush, which I know is poison eye to some, but I like those colour combinations. And a black turtleneck in formfitting and fluid fits is a wardrobe essential for my style. 

I also love ink blue. Over the last four months I’ve often found myself selecting the dark blue option instead of black. The ink blue capsule in my wardrobe is growing fast and it makes me happy because it’s a softer, happier and more lively version of black. It looks stunning with white and with black. It’s also gorgeous with bright pink and sour yellows and greens. 

I can’t choose between these two dark neutrals, so I’m sitting this one out on the bench with wild mushroom risotto, steamed asparagus, and warm apple cake. Over to you. Are you on Team Black or Team Ink Blue? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.