With New York fashion week behind us, and London fashion week almost at a close, designers are halfway through showcasing their collections for Fall 2014. It’s crystal clear that the following trends, some of which have been around for many seasons already, are still going strong. In some cases, stronger than ever. 

  1. Fluid and Oversized Fits: My word. Fluid is the new tailored. I have yet to see as many gigantic sloppy sweaters and oversized toppers and baggy pants on the runways. Trousers look baggier and slouchier than ever. Wearing shapeless clothing has become ultra fashionable. The key is adding sufficient structure to the look so that you don’t look like you’re drowning in the outfit.  
  2. Refined Pointy Toed Footwear: This makes perfect sense as a complement to #1. Adding tailored footwear with dainty pointy toes and non-platform heels to shapeless and oversized outfits is an effective way of adding structure to the look. If the models weren’t wearing sneakers or sandals, designers matched their clothing with pointy toe boots, booties, shooties, pumps, flats or oxfords. 
  3. Cropped Pants: In all styles, shapes, fabrics and colours. Showing your ankles and a portion of your lower leg in Fall and Winter is very fashionable. 
  4. Knitwear: Sweaters are the top to wear with any bottom, in tailored, fluid and oversized fits. 
  5. Winter White: White-out is alive and well. Furthermore, shades of white are a fabulous alternative to dark neutrals in the dead of Winter. Mix up shades of white with your favourite colours to lighten up your outfit. 
  6. Pastels: You’re probably warming up to pastels and mid tones since they are a mainstream trend for Spring 2014. Continue adding pastels to your wardrobe for cold weather. Think pastel knitwear, coats, scarves and bags. 
  7. Sporty-Luxe: Upscale sweatshirts, track pants, sneakers, backpacks, mesh insets, colour blocking, beanies and bomber jackets are very current. Mix them up with refined footwear and structured pieces. 
  8. Mixed Media: Wardrobe items that are made of several fabrications continue to add an interesting textural touch. 
  9. Booties with Everything: Six years in and there is no stopping the seasonless bootie and shootie trend. 
  10. Seasonally Confused Cold Weather Outfits: Matching warm weather footwear — like sockless flats, pumps, peep toe booties and sandals — with a cold weather outfit complete with heavy outerwear, scarf and hat is fashionable
  11. Leather Items: Think leather toppers, tops, skirts, pants and trousers in any colour. 
  12. Black Footwear: Traditionally the practical and classic option, more recently black footwear has been making a fashion statement

Over to you. What are your thoughts on these continuing trends? Do you have any favourites?