Boden Cashmere Crew Neck SweaterThis is a gentle reminder to try new-to-you colours, silhouettes and outfit combinations, especially in the first half of a retail season when there’s lots of fresh merchandise around. By all means be mindful of your figure flattery priorities and what works for your lifestyle, but don’t have too many preconceived ideas about what will work and what won’t. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you see in the mirror when you try something new. 

This happened to me last week. I usually think that beige against my pale blonde complexion looks sickly, lifeless and unflattering. So much so that I refer to it as “soul-sucking” beige. On the other hand, I do have similar colours running through my hair, so repeating the light neutral should be flattering. So in the spirit of nothing ventured nothing gained, I gave it another go by purchasing this heathered oatmeal cashmere pullover

I love it. The heathered texture of the wool livens up the beige. And I can really give it a kick by pairing it with white bottoms, lipstick and bright green specs. It’s a soft and subtle new look for me, and fun for a change. 

Have you tried a new colour, silhouette or outfit combination lately?